For years now, Torch Apparel has focused on building high visibility LEDs into their cycling gear. Their original T1 set the stage with large LED panels integrated into the shell of the helmet. Now, the company is back with another new helmet design on Kickstarter – the TorchOne.

TorchOne helmet details

What makes the TorchOne different? Well, it still has huge LED lights integrated into the helmet. Only this time, they’re removable. Not only does that allow you to ride with a lighter weight helmet when the lights aren’t needed, but it also opens up the ventilation system for better airflow.

TorchOne helmet specifications

The TorchOne has a claimed weight of 266g without the lights, and 382g with them, which allows Torch to call it the “lightest helmet in its category.” It also features the largest light display available with massive LED panels that provide 360° visibility and are Micro USB3 rechargeable.

Torch also points out that the attachment system won’t be limited to just lights. At some point in the future, you’ll also be able to attach GoPro style accessories, an MTB visor, rain cover, and more using the same anchor point.

Like the original T1, the TorchOne is offered first through a Kickstarter that has an expected delivery of March, 2021. Currently, the Early Bird deal will get you into a helmet for about $109. You have a choice of four colors, and one “universal” size for now.


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