DT Swiss Reborn Faster goes behind the curtain for a peek inside the development of the new ARC aero road wheels. Last summer DT overhauled their aerodynamic lineup with two second gen ARC aero road carbon wheelsets. The ARC AERO+ aerodynamic approach balances speed, stability, and everyday rideability. Now, a behind-the-scenes documentary tells more of that ARC development story, where DT Swiss’ in-house team works together with aero specialists Swiss Side, from the DT Swiss HQ to the insides of the GST wind tunnel…

DT Swiss Reborn Faster aero wheel development behind the scenes

Refining their aerodynamics for more modern road tires & versatile road riding, this latest ARC wheel range introduced last August actually makes a noticeable jump away from the generic U-shaped, blunt-nosed aero rim profiles that have dominated the last several years. Instead, as a hybrid of the original flat-sided V-shaped aero rims from a few decades ago, these new ARC wheels go VU-shaped to go faster with wider 20mm internal widths and wider 25-28mm race tires.

We went deep into the tech last summer, but suffice it to say that DT says they are faster while being wider and more comfortable. I put in plenty of time test riding the 62mm deep ARC 1100 wheels last fall with 28mm tires, and those DT speed & stability claims seem to make sense out on the road. They certainly feel fast, while also being less affected by variable winds than similarly deep U-shaped rims.

DT Swiss Reborn Faster documentary, making of ARC aero road carbon wheel development, Performance Test Center

c. DT Swiss

Now DT is offering a bit more insight into how they were created. More than just passing off wind tunnel drag curves (although, I did compare three generations of DT+SwissSide wheels in one place myself), DT Swiss worked with videographer Christopher Stöckle to show how the new ARC line came to be.

DT Swiss Reborn Faster documentary, making of ARC aero road carbon wheel development, GST wind tunnel

Follow along from European cycling companies’ favorite GST wind tunnel in Immenstaad, Germany to DT Swiss’ global headquarters, test center & manufacturing facility in Biel, Switzerland. (We took you inside the Biel factory for a tour of how they make rims, spokes & wheels there back in 2017.)

DT Swiss Reborn Faster documentary, making of ARC aero road carbon wheel development, BPM Biel Performance Manufacturing lab

More than just a marketing exercise (which this obviously also is) the Reborn Faster documentary highlights the actual engineers, aero specialists, test managers & marketing team that made the AERO+ project work.

Win a set of aero carbon ARC 1400 wheels!

DT Swiss Reborn Faster documentary, making of ARC aero road carbon wheel development

Now, to win a set of the new DT Swiss ARC wheels you just need to head over to their YouTube channel to watch DT Swiss Reborn Faster, and then complete three simple tasks within the next week – between now and February 18. Once there…

  1. Subscribe to the DT YT channel,
  2. Like their documentary, and
  3. Answer this question in their comment section: “After having watched the video, what are you most excited about when riding the ARC 1400 DICUT if you win it?”
DT Swiss Reborn Faster documentary, making of ARC aero road carbon wheel development, ARC 1400 62

DT Swiss ARC 1400 Dicut 62 DB wheelset

Up for grabs is a set of the $2500 / 1960€ carbon disc brake road tubeless DT Swiss ARC 1400 Dicut 62 wheels. They are the middle 62mm depth like I rode, but actually the second-tier wheel build that features the same new aero rim with standard aero DT hubs & spokes.



  1. Tobias Hoechner on

    I’d love to send those wheels for a spin. Hopefully even in some Crits this year. Big Fan of DTs Hub mechanism and was lurking for those 62mm in my Venge.

  2. Ian on

    who doesnt want the newest fastest carbon wheels?!?!?! i am excited about their stability, i had 45mm deep wheels a few years ago and could definitely get blown around in crosswinds.

    • Cory Benson on

      @Ian, you are always going to get blown around a bit with deep wheels. But I got the sense that these 62mm wheels felt similar to the previous ARC generation 48mm depth. My thinking being that you can size up to be more aero, without extra crosswind penalty.

  3. mvmartinet on

    If they can hold true on their claims regarding better handling wheels at deeper rim depths, this is my main focus. Aerodynamics>weight in many conditions. (alpine climbs not included) If you can safely ride a deeper wheel, you should be faster.

  4. Miclaroc on

    I’ve got Reynolds Aero 65s and 80s and I honestl cannot believe how stable they are and how well they brake. Compared to the 404s I was using they feel like disc brakes even though they’re rim. 30mph wind gusts no problem at all. And I9 Hubs. If I could afford a new bike these DT would be a very serious option but my experience on Reynolds has been so exceptional it’d be hard not to get them again. Even though it’s always nice to have variety

  5. Carl B on

    I would love to win these sweet wheels! The obvious reason I would like to get them is to go fast riding my bike. I enjoy every DT Swiss products mostly because they are very reliable.

  6. tim on

    A tubeless ready, carbon wheelset. I’ve only owned DTSwiss hubs and aluminum for road, mtb and have always been reliable, consistent and stable

  7. Jono on

    Having just slammed my 17 degree stem and moved to 38cm bars, I’m looking to the DT Swiss ARC 1400 Dicut 62 to make that final leap into from regular cyclist into an aero superhuman! I have DT Swiss hubs in my current wheels – never had an issue, bearings spin for days and sound great (especially with the upgradeable star ratchet).

  8. Daniel Toupin on

    I am currently within 1-3 seconds of several Strava KOM’s. Putting these on my 2018 Giant Advanced Pro Disk Propel will increase my motivation and confidence to claim a few I’m sure.

  9. Daniel Toupin on

    I am currently within 1-3 seconds of claiming several Strava KOM’s. Putting these wheels on my 2018 Giant Advanced Pro Disk Propel will increase my aero gains as well as my motivation and confidence to claim several of them.

  10. introp on

    I’d be excited to try out their head- and cross-wind performance on long Parkway rides here; I suspect they’re just a weeeeee bit slicker in the wind than my current 30 mm Al hoops. 😉

  11. Ralph Luijsterburg on

    I would race the hell out of these wheels, i have had many wheels for criteriums but only DT Swiss are the ones who are spot on! Let’s review those tasty wheels in some hard dutch criteriums!

  12. Erik on

    Always loved DT wheel sets.
    Issue is they’re so so expensive vs. any other premium brand (20%), average brand (75%), overseas brand (100%), or overseas no name (125%).
    For being a couple percent better.

  13. Erik on

    100% of the time Robin tries to be sarcastic ahead of thinking about the data and realizing it’s validity and conclusions.

    ARC Dicut DB $3025 USD MSRP
    Enve SES 3.4 $2550 USD MSRP –> 18.6% jump to DT (other premium)
    Campagnolo Bora $19999 USD MSRP –> 51% jump to DT (average brand)
    Reynolds AR41x $1550 USD MSRP –> 95% to jump to DT (overseas)
    Lightbicycle configured wheel $1350 USD –> 124% jump to DT


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