The all-new Trek e-Caliber comes in as light as ~34lb in top trim, giving them a very lightweight full suspension e-mountain bike with a twist. Built around the Fazua motor-and-battery combo, you can quickly remove the powered drive system and have an “analog” mountain bike for any trail.

trek e-caliber e-mountain bike details
All photos c. Trek Bikes

Based on their Supercaliber XC race bike, the e-Caliber is a short travel e-bike using the same fully-integrated IsoStrut rear shock. We reviewed the Supercaliber and tore down the entire shock assembly if you’d like to see how that works. Here, the idea is the same, to “enhance the true XC experience.”

trek e-caliber e-mountain bike details

The E-Caliber bikes are equipped with the internal Fazua Evation drive system, which offers 55Nm of torque, up to 43 miles (70 km) range, and three modes of assist activated by Fazua’s all-new bX remote.

trek e-caliber e-mountain bike suspension closeup

The lightweight Class 1 drive system weighs just 10 lbs./4.6 kg, assisting up to 20 mph (25 kph). Trek says the system becomes unnoticable at higher speeds, without adding any drag or noise to your riding, which should be great for descending. Even better, Fazua’s latest Black Pepper OS gives it instant acceleration response and smoother power delivery at just about any cadence you’re like to pedal (50-120rpm, to be exact).

The system will even transmit your ride data to their app, and has Bluetooth to send it to your compatible phones and devices.

e-Caliber geometry & spec

trek e-caliber e-mountain bike details

In its lightest build, the Trek e-Caliber comes in at about 33lbs. Pull the Fazua drive system out, pop on the battery compartment covers, and it drops 6.4lbs (2.9kg) from the complete bike weight, giving you a 26.6lb (12kg) XC mountain bike…assuming you popped for the E-Caliber 9.9 XX1 AXS model at $12,999.

trek e-caliber e-mountain bike geometry details

The headtube is 1.5º slacker than the fully analog Supercaliber, at 67.5º, with longer reach. And, they get a 120mm fork rather than 100mm, helping support the added weight and letting you get a bit more rowdy. The rear end remains at just 60mm of travel, though, so just a bit rowdier.

All models use an OCLV carbon fiber frame, here are the builds, prices and claimed weights:

All claimed weights are with stock setup, size Medium, setup with tubeless tires. The bikes are available now worldwide, online and through your local Trek dealer.

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  1. Yet another $12k++ e-bike to get more customers that don’t understand bikes or e-bikes to expect nothing to go wrong and everything is warranty..

    “A Ferrari costs more to maintain than a Honda”
    -some smart person, who works in a bike shop

  2. To be fair these things cost as much as a Honda, whilst over here the Honda’s warranty is dictated by law. As E-bikes grow in popularity (and price it seems) they’re surely going to attract the same attention from regularots as cars/motorbikes have. Being obliged to provide replace major parts for 5 years and make spares available for 10 would certainly be an interesting development.

  3. I really doubt the person who buys this electric XC race bike with top spec is going to pull the drive system. They will most likely own a second non-electric race bike.

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