The new micro action camera from Insta360 drops next week, but we’re already thinking about all the crazy new shots we could get with this. Looking like it’s about the size of a thumb, it departs from the 360º capture of most of their other cameras, but should be able to fit just about anywhere.

Stay tuned, we’ll have the full story on March 9, 2021, when it gets released, and some test footage shortly thereafter. In the meantime, here’s the teaser video they’ve released.


  1. Is the era coming, in which people are wearing a battery on their neck with wires going to wearable devices like earpieces, eyewear (HUD), and sensors like high quality mic and camera? Hand gesture sensor, TTS?

  2. Is this different from the one on their site that takes 30-60 second videos? Or is this expected to take longer format videos?

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