What would an e-bike modeled after the Porsche Taycan look like? Apparently something like the new Porsche eBike Sport & eBike Cross. The latest two wheeled design exercise bearing the legendary Porsche marque, these new bikes certainly bring some unique style to the table – along with an intriguing build.

eBike Sport

Porsche e-bike Sport handlebars

Most notable may be the inclusion of the Magura MCi cockpit integration concept that the fellow German brand has been teasing. By hiding the master cylinder in the handlebar along with the hoses and wires, the resulting aesthetic is very clean.

Porsche e-bike sport side

Porsche e-bike sport rear brake

Offered only on the eBike Sport, this version of the two e-bikes is geared more towards every day use. While it still features a carbon fiber full suspension frame manufactured by Rotwild and a Magura Boltron eMTB inverted suspension fork, the bike gets a rigid seat post, and more street-friendly MTB tires.

Porsche e-bike sport lights

The rigid post also allows them to integrate M99 LED lights from Supernova into the mix, along with a headlight integrated into the stem as well.

eBike Cross

Porsche e-bike cross side

Porsche e-bike cross rear brake

The eBike Cross on the other hand is not a cyclocross bike, but more of a traditional full suspension mountain bike with a dropper post, MTB tires, and the same suspension as the eBike Sport. Since this bike doesn’t get the MCi system, it instead opts for Magura MT Trail brakes with their e-bike specific 220mm rotors.

Both bikes utilize the new Shimano STEPS EP8 system with the Sport getting a Di2 drivetrain, while the Cross uses a mechanical XT 12 speed system.

Porsche e-bikes on Taycan

Complete build specs aren’t yet available, but claimed weights are given as 21.2kg for the Porsche eBike Sport (size M, including pedals), and 21.7kg for the Porsche eBike Cross (size M, including pedals). As you might expect from a name like Porsche, the bikes are priced at the upper end of the spectrum with the eBike Sport selling for $10,700 and the eBike Cross at $8,549 – though to be honest, even if these bikes weren’t branded as Porsche, with this spec, the pricing probably wouldn’t be far off. Bikes will be available later in March in three sizes, S, M, and L, at Porsche dealers and select “specialist bicycle outlets.”

And if you happen to own a Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo, there will be a new Porsche bike rack specifically designed to hold up to two e-bikes, up to 50kg.



  1. Bewer on

    Magura Boltron is out of production for years. Interesting to see what kind of parts will bring the profit. Alternatively Rotwild is the better choice than the Porsche Oldtimer Boltron.

  2. Mark on

    21kg !!! for a carbon sport e-bike? I have a 1500w Decathlon alloy frankstein which is lighter than that. Most of the car manufacturers do a poor job trying to impress the cycling community, they either mess with the design, specs or sometimes both

  3. JNH on

    These bikes aren’t for the cycling community, they’re for the Porsche guy who just has to have the Porsche bike in the background of his instagram post of his garage full of Porsche cars. It’ll get ridden once a year at most.
    The real question is where on earth did they find a crate full of Magura Boltrons? Magura dropped out of the suspension market a good four years ago now. Those Crank Brothers wheel look like they’re pre-buyout models too, which puts them at least five years old. Did Porsche just find/have a warehouse full of unused OEM parts or something?

  4. Joenomad on

    Surely the participating Porsche dealerships will have a trained technician that will be able to repair or service the ebike including truing the wheels.

  5. Crash Bandicoot on

    This is kind of a bummer coming from Porsche. Their Porsche Design stuff is largely overpriced but it at least seems like good quality and well designed. Seeing them phone it in with parts bin bikes like this is disappointing, expect this kind of thing from Ferrari or BMW.

  6. Tom on

    If anyone’s interested, for an extra $50k, I’ll “re-imagine” your Porschaaaaaa e-bike with a quilted saddle and matching grips. Get on it!

  7. Hans jansen on

    Nice looking bike.Good idea hide cables etc within handlebar.However more choices for this price.
    Iam Focus made in Germany rider Australia


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