It’s just over a month since Jeff Jones first teased us with promise of a DIY eBike frameset for almost every type of riding there is. Now, he’s ready to show his hand, releasing the Jones Plus LWB HD/e frameset as well as two complete Bafang mid-drive motor-rocking ebikes. Here’s a quick overview.

Jones Plus LWB HD/e

jones motorbikes plus lwb hd/e complete bike

For those a bit bamboozled by all those acronyms, here’s the deal: LWB equals Long Wheel Base, and HD/e equals Heavy Duty EBike. This frame is a burlier take on the much loved Plus LWB, with thicker tubes with a custom butting profile for added strength and stiffness, longer chainstays and more chainring clearance. We detailed this, and more, previously.


The Jones Plus LWB HD/e frameset is around 330g heavier than the Plus LWB frame, with longer stays and thicker tubing

Geometry and Sizing

jeff jones full send jones plus lwb hd/e motorbike

Jones haven’t published a complete geometry chart of this new DIY eBike. What we can tell you is that, across the S-L frame size range, the head tube angle is a slack 67.5° while the seat tube angle comes in at an effective 71°. Chainstays are super long at 20” (508mm), measured from the BB center to the rear axle center.

jones plus lwb hd/e chainring clearance 50t

The 20″ stays will also help keep the front wheel on the ground when you put 160 Nm of torque through the drivetrain

Those extra long stays are what allowed Jones to give this frame monster clearance for chainrings up to 50T. Tire clearance out back is ample, accommodating 29″ wheels fitted with tires up to 3.25″ wide.

jeff jones motorbikes plus lwb hd/e testing

Wheelbase lengths are as follows:

  • Small: 46.25”/1176 mm
  • Medium: 47.25”/1203 mm
  • Large: 48.5”/1231 mm
Jones Plus LWB HD/e Sizing Small Medium Large
Rider Height 5’4″ – 5’8″ 5’7″ – 6’2″ 6′ – 6’6″
Stand-Over Height (at center of top tube) 23.69″ 24.42″ 25.87″

Complete Jones Motorbikes

jones motorbike plus lwb hde ebike

Jones are offering two complete bike builds for the Plus LWB HD/e. The cheaper of the two gets a Bafang BBS02 500W mid-drive motor with a maximum torque of 100 Nm. It will set you back $5,700. 

jones motorbikes plus lwb hd/e bafang motor blue frame

Both models of the Jones Plus LWB HD/e are available with a black or blue frameset, with smooth or knobbly tires

The higher-end spec complete bike gets the Bafang BBSHD, a 750W motor with a maximum torque of 160 Nm. Pick that one up for $7,210. You can pair both those motors with your choice of a 10.4 Ah, 17.5 Ah, 28 Ah or 42 Ah battery mounted to the downtube.

jones plus lwb hd/e blue frameset diy ebike

Want to build up your own eBike? Pick up the frameset and unicrown fork for $1500

For complete spec info on the new Jones Motorbikes Plus LWB HD/e, head to the Jones Motorbikes website.

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