The Silky Saws are already our absolute favorite portable saw thanks to their perfectly packable sizes and cuts-like-butter blades. Now, they’re even better with a new Outback Edition in three of their most popular sizes.

The Silky Saw Outback Edition models use a new Arbor Composite handle that not only looks more natural, but (they say) provides better grip in wet and cold. It definitely has more texture than the standard plastic handles, but remains just as light and portable.

silky outback edition spec sheet for arbor composite handle portable folding saws

MSRP pricing for the three folding saw models are:

  • PocketBoy Outback Edition Base is $44.99
  • GomBoy Outback Edition Base is $59.99
  • BigBoy 2000 Outback Edition Base is $79.99

Available now, the new Silky Saw models keep the same polished, impulse hardened teeth with mutli-pitch cutting angles with their Blacking Plate nickel-tin coating across the entire blade. Not only does it cut smoothly through wood (and bone!) with the greatest of ease, but it’ll stay sharp and keep doing that for a very long time.

The only downside? The Outback editions are slightly heavier (about 2oz for the GomBoy) than the originals. Link below for the new ones, or grab the originals from REI or Amazon.

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  1. David on

    The Silky Bigboy is an awesome saw. Cuts trees, skin, bone, gloves, pants, boots – you name it! Seriously though, it’s my go-to for trail cleanup when I don’t want to carry a chainsaw. Never had a problem with grip in the cold or wet…


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