One of the most used cycling apps continues to get better. Over the past year, Strava has implemented more than 70 updates to their popular app. Now, they’re updating the main navigation bar to make it even easier to use.

Strava Screenshot Cory's You page

Open the app, and the most notable change takes place in the navigation bar that’s at the bottom of the screen. The “Fee, Explore, Record, Profile, and Training” buttons have been replaced with new “Home, Maps, Record, Groups, and You” buttons.

Strava Gif of Maps

The Home button is pretty obvious, but the new Maps button that replaces the Explore button makes it easier to find segments, explore new routes, and plan your ride.

Strava Gif of Groups

The Groups button brings up challenges and clubs to make your rides more social.  Strava Gif of You

And You? That combines the Profile and Training button previously to bring all of your photos, ride details, and training info into one place.

Additional changes make ‘Settings’ and ‘Find Friends’ always available at the top of the screen for easy access. While the change may take a bit of time to get used to, it seems like a more intuitive layout to make Strava better than ever.



  1. dr_lha on

    This stuff is nice, but it doesn’t solve the fundamental problem with Strava which is as a social network it sucks, especially for group rides. You can imagine so many features that would allow clubs to organize, route and plan group rides, to allow people to get together for group rides, and generally to allow people to use it to actually connect, but none of that exists. This is why we still have to organize through Facebook for rides, even though more people in our club use Strava than Facebook.

  2. FritzP on

    Is Swim/Bike/Run so deeply embedded in Strava code that it is impossible to allow users to switch out their 3 main activities on their profile to make better use of that space?

    Agree w/ dr_lha on social aspects.


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