Oakley is known for pushing boundaries. “Normal” shades just aren’t their thing. Now, after 45 years of “disruptive innovation”, they’ve just launched their next wild look – the Kato.

Oakley KAto launch case augmented virtual reality

Just as noteworthy at the Kato itself is the way that Oakley launched the new glasses – from augmented reality to reality. Oakley’s key athletes all received a one-of-a-kind package with a QR code. When scanned, it brought up an augmented reality display which included a countdown timer to the coordinated release. Once the timer clicked down to zero, the pod opened up to reveal the wild new Kato. Honestly, it’s pretty cool to see – as filmed by JuJu Smith-Schuster on Oakley’s instagram account.

Oakley KAto colors of prizm lenses

The reveal introduced the Kato to the world, which features a “first-of-its-kind nose wrap for high coverage.” There is still a nose piece underneath (with three nosepads to customize the fit), but the lens is completely frameless. The glasses also include an adjustable rake system to make sure they sit on your nose properly.

Oakley KAto with Mark Cavendish

Offered in three colors with Prizm lenses, the glasses retail for $291 – augmented reality case not included.



    • FritzP on

      Yes, the whole trend of people wearing windshield sized shades is comical.

      Idk which is funnier, the sunglass trend or how integrated cables make it easier to mount a handlebar bag negating the ‘aero-ness’ of their integrated front end.

  1. barael on

    “Augmented VR” seems a bit of a misnomer. There’s Augmented Reality (AR) and then there’s Virtual Reality (VR). “AVR” doesn’t make much sense (doesn’t produce many google hits either).

  2. claudiobosticco on

    very nice, now I only have to have a nose job to be able to wear them. I’ve always complained that glasses designers don’t take into account those with big (and greek) nose, but these are the worst I’ve ever seen.

  3. Oliver on

    Non-removale lenses. €250 each. So that’s 750 for a usable 3 lens set. No thank you. Zero reason why they couldn’t have made them removable.

  4. PoorInRichfield on

    I applaud Oakley for trying something different, however, I see no reason to buy these glasses other than they’re unique.


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