The all-new Reserve 28 XC Wheelset is the first of their mountain lineup to drop the Santa Cruz branding, ushering in a new era of independence for the carbon wheel manufacturers. It’s also the first of their mountain bike wheel lineup to see a new asymmetric rim bed, lower in profile for added strength and improved vertical compliance. Here are the details…

Reserve 28 XC Wheelset

reserve 28 xc wheels carbon 28mm internal width rims

When Reserve was founded in 2014, their motivation was simple; they wanted to make the most durable, highest strength-to-weight composite wheels on the market and back it with a lifetime guarantee. Danny MacAskill proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that Reserve’s carbon wheels are seriously tough when he tested them to failure down steps without a tire.

Reserve already have 25mm, 27mm, 30mm, 37mm internal width rims and a DH wheelset on the market. Today, the Reserve 28 XC Wheelset joins them as their lightest mountain bike wheelset yet. In fact, despite the wider rim, it smashes the weight of their 25mm wheelset, weighing in at a claimed 1367g. That’s on a DT SWISS 180 hubset with valves and tape.

reserve 2 xc wheels carbon rims debut albstadt xco 2021 mens race

The Reserve 28 XC Wheels saw their debut last weekend at the XCO in Albstadt (on what seemed to be a prototype Superlight frame). They feature a completely redesigned rim profile with an asymmetric rim bed (flipped front to rear), though they retain offset spoke drilling.

reserve 28 xc carbon rim profile asymmetric offset spoke hole drilling
The Reserve 28 XC rim is recommended for use with 2.2″ to 2.5″ wide tires

The rim is both wider and lower in profile; this is said to increase strength and lateral rigidity, while adding some vertical compliance for enhanced traction. The rim shape still uses that exclusive spoke reinforcement system characteristic of Reserve wheels, but it too has been redesigned. The step-in internal rim bed is said to make tubeless tire installation easier and improve tire bead retention at lower pressures. You’ll also notice that the raised rectangular region of rim around each spoke now covers a slightly larger area.

reserve xc 28 carbon wheelset cross country racing

Each rim weighs a claimed 385g. They are laced to DT SWISS 180 hubs (with ceramic bearings) via 24 DT Race Comp straight-pull spokes (front and rear).

reserve 28 xc carbon wheel front dt swiss 180 centre lock hubset

Pricing & Availability

Pricing for the all-new Reserve 28 XC Wheelset starts at $1,599 USD. Steep, I know. However, like all Reserve wheels, they come with a no-questions-asked lifetime warranty and no rider weight limit. You break them, Reserve replace them, free of charge. A carbon wheelset for life!

  • DT 180: $2199 USD @ 1367g
  • DT 240: $1899 USD @ 1450g
  • DT 350: $1599 USD @ 1550g

reserve 28 xc wheels cross country racing super lightweight strong vertical compliance

Get them from July 2021 in 29″ only, available with DT Swiss 180, 240 or 350 Center Lock hubs, with a Microspline or XD driver.


  1. $1600 is for the wheels with th 180 hubs that weigh only !384g? Don’t those hubs cost like $1000 all by themselves?

  2. emmm they need to review their pricing if they want to compete with roval’s new wheelet spec’d the same:
    Santa Cruz
    DT 180: $2199 USD @ 1367g
    DT 240: $1899 USD @ 1450g
    DT 350: $1599 USD @ 1550g

    Control 29 Carbon 6B XD (asymmetrical)
    DT OEM $1350 USD @ 1450g

    The comparable Santa Cruz offering here is 550.00 more.

    • I doubt Roval Control s 240 hubs, Roval Control Sl has 180 internals and is $2500. So the closest comparbale Reserve is $300 less. The Roval is a little lighter though.

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