Already popular in Europe, Trek’s bringing their well-equipped District 4 commuter bicycle to North America for “serious” commuters who appreciate a low-maintenance, well-equipped, and fully-featured city bike.

trek district 4 belt drive commuter bike

gates cdx belt drive on new trek district commuter bicycle

Equipped with a clean, quiet Gates CDX Belt Drive, it needs no lube or grease and claims 3x the lifespan of a typical chain.

shimano alfine 8-speed hub on a trek district commuter bicycle

That feeds power into a Shimano Alfine 8-speed internally geared rear hub for easy shifting and a wide gear range. Shimano MT200 hydraulic brakes should be similarly problem free for years.

herrmans lights on a new trek commuter bicycle

Up front, a Shimano 3-Watt dynamo hub powers premium Herrmans MR8 (180-lumen/60lux) front and H-trace Eco rear lights so you won’t ever need to add (or charge) batteries.

trek district step through commuter bike with belt drive

Fenders, a kickstand, and pre-installed rear rack come standard, too. Basically, it’s everything we’d want on a commuter bike, ready to roll straight out of the shop.

trek district step through commuter bike with rear rack and powered lights

The frame is a lightweight aluminum that comes in standard and “Stagger” (step-thru) designs. It rolls on 700x40mm tires, with reflective sidewalls for safety, which should provide the right blend of comfort and speed. Retail is $1,699 USD and has a lifetime warranty on the frame…and they actually have inventory right now at

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  1. ap on

    I’m not a big brand bike kind of guy, but I love the practical utility of this. It checks most of the boxes for a commuter, errand running, short jaunt kind of bike. Well done.

  2. dolan on

    Hydro discs, gates belt drive, and a dynohub are definitely wins. Still not sold on the Shimano 8 speed internal hub’s durability.. I’ve just seen to many of them explode, but maybe they’ve improved in recent years.

  3. Sammy on

    Hmmmm “ they actually have inventory right now” seems wrong. I am seeing them having an ETA June 2022…. Might wanna check that source

    • Emma on

      I work at Trek, there actually is inventory. Warehouse gets them in mid-late July, which is much sooner that most other bikes

  4. King County on

    I never had problems with derailleurs,but recently got an Alfine 11 after being curious about it forever. It is everything I expected it to be. A big plus is the ability to shift from a stand-still. ..helpful when you are zipping along in high gear, but suddenly get stuck at an intersection and want to get going quicker. These bikes are ok. My style is more of a packback, rechargeable light, removeable fenders, etc,(to cut some weight), as opposed to generator hub/rack,etc. If you want a bike ‘loaded’ , these seem to check all the boxes.

  5. Dave gerson on

    I’ve been riding & loving the Priority Continuum Onyx for almost a year. Essentially the same as this (heavy and loaded) except it has continuously variable tranny hub instead of the 8 Alfine. Bulletproof BUT: It can only be operated by a grip shifter which I do not like (wrist action etc…) and cannot be adapted for triggers….. I may switch to the Trek District just to get the trigger shifters back….


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