Snek Cycling have released a new line bike bags and super neat storage solutions, helping to get the weight off your back and onto the bike. There are options here that will support big days in the saddle, as well as complement more ambitious bike packing setups; from the Stache Handlebar Bags, to the Vital Case Tool Holder, Small Parts Pouch and City Keys.

snek cycling gravel cycling bike bags storage solutions

Who are Snek? Pronounced ‘sneak’, the name is a combination of the words slick and neat. The company was created by Jonny Hintze who launched the brand by crowd-funding their debut product, Lifeboat Tire Levers, that feature a built-in valve core removal tool. Jonny has since moved onto riding apparel and now, bike bags.

Snek Stache Bike Bags and On-Bike Storage Solutions

snek stache handlebar bags on-bike storage solutions carrying spares tools

From where I’m sitting the kit looks to be high quality. The Snek Cycling collection of bike bags, straps and storage solutions are all hand-crafted from sustainable, hard-wearing materials in the US. Let’s get into it.

Snek Stache Handlebar Bags

snek cycling stache handlebar bag

The Snek Stache Handlebar Bag as a 1.4L capacity and the following dimensions: 9″ x 3.5″ x 3.5″

The Snek Stache Handlebar Bag comes in two sizes; the smaller of the two is a single compartment bag while the large Stache Plus has multiple compartments for neat and tidy separation of its contents.

snek stache plus large handebar bag weather proof

The Snek Stache Plus Handlebar Bag has a 2.3L capacity with the following dimensions: 9″ x 4.5″ x 4.5″

Both are constructed from 500D Cordura fabric paired with a lightweight closed-cell foam to add structure; Snek say they are durable and highly weather-resistant with waterproof YKK Zippers. They attach to the handlebar via two Velcro straps while an adjustable head tube cord minimizes bag sway. You can also use the stretchy silicone strap to secure them further.

Snek Vital Case Tool Holder

snek vital case tool holder saddle bag

The standout item of the new collection has to be this; the Vital Case Tool Holder. This feature-packed functional little package can secure your spares, tools and other trail side essentials to the underside of your saddle, or to your frame. Roadies and gravel riders will likely make use of it as a saddle bag while trail riders will find it suits the front triangle better.

snek cycling vital case tool holder frame strap on revel bike

Constructed from a strip of nylon webbing, the Vital Case Tool Holder can accommodate a CO2 canister and inflator, tire levers, a compact multi-tool, tire plugger and bacon strips, tube, quick-link… literally everything you’re going to need for a quick trail side fix. The package is compartmentalized so you can organise your kit in an orderly fashion and a 15″ Voile strap takes care of securing it to your saddle or frame. This look class.

snek vital tool roll frame strap saddle bag

It also comes with a…

Small Parts Pouch

snek small parts pouch spares storage cycling

This can also be purchased separately, and could make a nice addition to any kit bag. The 5” x 3” pouch can hold tire levers, a tire plug, valve core, multi tool, quick-link, patch kits… all the little bits that tend to get lost inside big packs. It can alternatively take a road bike tube up to 25mm. 

City Keys 

snek cycling city keys

Finally, Snek have added a super minimalist set of tools, meant for minor on-the-go adjustments. The City Keys comprise a 5mm, 4mm hex, T25 torx, and flat head screwdriver, so should be able to tighten most headsets, derailleurs, seat posts, stems, brake levers, etc. Steer clear if your thru-axles require a 6mm, though.

Pricing & Availability

snek cycling handlebar bags stache plus

Pick up the Snek Stache and Stache Plus Handlebar Bags for $50 and $70, respectively. The Snek Vital Case Tool Holder which comes with a small parts pouch retails at $45. You can also pick up the small parts pouch separately for $10. Finally, the City Keys are priced at $10.

snek stache handlebar bag secured with velcro straps and silicon strap plus vital case tool roll on revel

Snek also sell a selection of Snek-branded high-stretch bands and Voile straps available in the following sizes:

  • Large 10” (circumference) high stretch silicone band. This is the same band used on the Vital Case. Use it as a replacement band for the Vital Case, or as a separate band to bundle larger items together

snek cycling silicone strap

  • Small 6” (circumference) silicone medium stretch band. Use it to bundle a tube alone or combine it with a tire lever and CO2 cartridge for secure storage in the Vital Case or bag
  • 15” Snēk Voile Strap can be used with or without the vital case to strap tubes, tire levers, pumps and gear to a bike

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