This video by the Danish Road Safety Council is quite brilliant, and a fun reminder that we should all be wearing our helmets when we ride. Even if we’re a careful rider…or a Viking.


  1. Andrew on

    Have you guys watched that youtube video about the Danish parliament where they start talking about camels and elephants to be saved from a banned circus and at some point the prime minister burst into massive laughs ? These folks must all be living a happy life. After all you never hear talking about Denmark,wich is a good thing I guess..

  2. K-Pop is dangerous to your health on

    From my time in Copenhagen it took days before I saw anyone on a bike wearing a helmet. In fact there is less helmet wearing there than anywhere I’ve been in Europe. Most likely because their cycling infrastructure makes complete sense and Danish motorists are some of the tamest I’ve ever encountered. The commercial is funny, but highly unlikely to change any minds.

      • K-Pop is dangerous to your health on

        It was a while ago. But things changed so drastically that you have to wear an airbag on your head now?

    • Michael on

      I work in the center of CPH. And yes I can confirm that
      It’s not that many people wearing helmets. But if you look at the commuters that have a bit longer to work then it’s almost everyone that does wear a helmet


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