Reserve Wheels have updated their 30mm carbon rims, releasing an all-new Super Light Wheelset for trail riding, weighing a claimed 1750g. Just like the Reserve 28 XC wheels launched last month, the Reserve 30 SL has no rider weight limit, and come with Reserve’s Lifetime Warranty; no questions asked, replaced for free. Here’s the tech.

Reserve 30 SL Wheels

reserve 30 sl carbon rims offset spoke drilling asymmetric rim bed lower profile

The new Reserve 30 SL rims are redesigned with a flatter profile, now with an asymmetric rim bed, flipped front-to-rear. The rims retain the characteristic offset spoke hole drilling, with 28 spokes lacing the rim to the hub. The lower profile, now 19mm deep, is said to add lateral stiffness while also increasing vertical compliance for a more comfortable ride.

reserve 30 sl super light weight carbon rim trail mountain bike wheelset

Each rim now weighs a claimed 440g, shaving 50g off the weight of the previous 30mm carbon rims. A complete wheelset with Industry Nine Hydra hubs (boost), plus valves and tape, weighs a claimed 1750g. The Hydra hub is a market leader in terms of speed of engagement, with a mythical 690 POEs, engaging after just a 0.52° turn of the cranks. That’s practically immediate.

reserve 30 sl trail mtb rims carbon 440g each

The 30mm internal width carbon rims are designed to seat 2.2″ to 2.5″ wide tires. The stepped internal rim bed is designed to make tubeless tire installation easier, and improve bead retention at lower pressures.

Pricing & Availability

reserve 30 sl carbon rim wheelset no rider weight limit

The Reserve 30 SL wheelset is available in 29″ only, with both center-lock and 6-bolt hub options. There are two hubset options; the DT 350 setup will set you back $1,599 while the Industry Nine Hydra option is the most expensive at $1,899. Both are available with MicroSpline and XD drivers.

Alternatively, pick up the rim only for $599.


  1. I wasn’t aware that 1750g was considered “super light”, even for a trail wheelset. Last set I had was 1500g with an i30 rim.

        • -Light Bicycle Recon Pro EN932/White Ind 29″ 1780gm (current set)
          -Derby DH i30/White Ind 29″ 1805gm (previous set)
          -Race Face Next R36 29″ 1790gm (borrowed friend’s set)

          Granted my wheels are custom builds, but 1700gm-1900gm is fairly typical for lighter wight custom DH/Enduro sets. Sure, DH pros usually ride factory built 1900-2000gm+ sets, but I’m no pro. You? Back to the post; these Reserve SL’s aren’t super light if we’re just talking about weight. Tough as nails trail wheel sets can be had fairly easy clocking in at the 1400-1600gm range with i30 rims. Not sure why this is so surprising.

  2. I don’t think I’d call them super light. More like average light.

    That said, the 30s I bought last year are still rolling smooth after many stupid mistakes. I wouldn’t be sad if they were 100g lighter, but my Maxxis are stupid heavy so I doubt I’d notice the difference. Good on SC for building a quality rim and standing behind it with that absurd warranty

  3. 240 DH hubs, 32 aerolite spokes and brass nips, allow for 480g rims (carbon obv) and keeps you under 1800g for around $2k, and so saying 1750 is “getting into” that territory doesn’t warrant the snark.

    • You misunderstand. This was meant to be a reply to Mark’s request that you list examples, which is why you were quoted. The site made it a new comment despite my hitting the reply button. So, you’re welcome.

  4. These media guys should really do a tiny bit of research before making outlandish warranty claims. They consistently fall for the manure spouted by brands marketing folks. Quote from the warranty statement for these wheels “The warranty for damage arising from accidents, crashes and other impacts is limited to offered replacement at a reduced charge as set forth above.” That is pretty much the same as any other wheel brand which is a long way from the “no questions asked, replaced for free” claimed in this article.

    • Nah man, they just replace it. They don’t ask how it broke, or charge for shipping. It is literally just an absurd warranty, to quote Josh from an earlier post. I work at a Santa Cruz dealer, and we have/have sold lots of reserve wheels and warrantied a bunch. They are NOT the lightest, even this SL. But man they destroy every other companies procedure for “warranty”.

      • I have been around this block a few times. They may be lenient with these claims while they are establishing their wheel brand but they will almost certainly retreat to their stated policy. PON will evaluate the cost of warranty returns and then tighten up the enforcement of the warranty policy.

        If you want a map to this curve just look back to the customer service path of another carbon wheel brand that rumor previously touted their “no questions asked warranty”. When their parent company started asking questions so did their customer service team.

  5. Ibis internal 35mm rims on I9 Hydras are 1650g for $1800….. Maybe, a better comparo, the internal 28mm wheelset is 1580g. Same price. Ibis is down the road from SC…. you would think they would know…..

  6. So many comments and nobody yet pulled you up on “ a mythical 690 POEs, engaging after just a 0.52° turn of the cranks”?
    The engagement angle of course relates to freedom of rotation of the free hub, not the cranks, which will rotate more or less depending on which gear you are in.

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