Just a few days ago, we reported on the new 951 Series from Intense Cycles. Created as a way to get Intense bicycles into the hands of more riders, the 951 Series is focused on affordability – but while retaining the performance of existing models from Intense.

Purchase an Intense 951 mountain bike on Costco.com

In addition to spec’ing them with more affordable build kits, Intense is now selling the 951 series outside of the traditional channels. Meaning that you can now order one from costco.com and have it shipped directly to your door.

We’re assuming that these will ship in a box, in a partially assembled state. So expect to have to know how to safely put it together before your first ride.

Why would someone order an Intense from Costco?

Both the 951 XC and Trail bike are available, and priced at $3,249 which includes standard shipping. On top of that, Costco Executive members will likely get 2% back on the purchase, and if you purchase it with your Costco Visa, you’ll get an additional 2% cash back, bringing the total purchase price down by more than $500 compared to the listed retail price of $3,699.

Then there’s Costco’s legendary return policy to consider. There’s nothing to indicate that a 951 bike wouldn’t fall under their usual return policy, which means if you order it and decide the size is wrong, or you just don’t like it, you could probably just return it to your local store, no questions asked.

Finally, there’s the question of availability. While most of the industry seems to be running dry on new bikes, these are in stock and ready to ship. Today. Not only that, but their standard shipping is via UPS ground and it’s estimated to deliver in 3-5 days depending on your location. Not fast enough? They also offer express shipping for around $70 to get it there sooner.

Costco Intense 951 bike specs

The move to make bikes available through Costco.com is likely to make prospective buyers happy by saving some coin. But it’s also sure to anger dealers already hard-hit by limited inventory, so it will be interesting to see how this plays out in the long run for Intense.



    • JB on

      As an Intense dealer, we were not happy with this move and put all future orders on hold. Though we have sold their bikes, and do see value in their models, having a price delta for the same product in different channels obviously didn’t sit well. This is either a great new beginning with big box stores, or an end at the LBS. Its hard to explain away a 450+ price difference… so we won’t even attempt it.

  1. Smokestack on

    They’ve been selling in moto distribution channels for a couple years now. This seems a continuation of that ‘outside normal business model retail’ strategy. I’ll wager it has something to do with the glut of brands fighting for the same retail space (online and brick&mortar) and I’ll also wager that this has something to do with how outmoded they’ve become as a brand that they can’t win in that same environment. When your spec is this poor at this price and geo this outdated, you will get outgunned in the retail fight in traditional channels. Best to look towards other, likely less discerning channels to sell your wares.

  2. King County on

    I’ve seen this story pop up in many places. One article states, “Intense’s IBD accounts have been placing orders for the 951s, which the company will begin shipping in the next couple of weeks”. The same article later says, “…951 bikes only, through Costco.com”.
    If the Costco models will be available from Costco and IBDs the IBD can complain less if the margin allows them to be the same retail price, but that info is not available.
    I think Intense should have created a new name and left Intense off the bikes completely.

  3. Josiah on

    I can’t help to feel it would hurt Intense’s brand image. How would Aaron Gwinn respond to questions such as, “How does your new Costco, err, I mean Intense bike ride”?

    The Pinkbike community is having a field day with it…

  4. bbb on

    Ring, ring, ring!
    – Hi, you are an Intense dealer, aren’t you? I have a problem with my bike and it’s only a few (insert any time unit) old. Could you have a look at it if I brought it in? I shouldn’t take long.
    – Have you contacted your shop about it, first?
    – No. I bought it online….

  5. spddrcr on

    Not everyone has a LBS to shop at. Although I have about 5 within a 30 mile radius of me not a single one carries intense bikes. I had to drive nearly 2 hours to pick up my growler 50 for the same reason.
    If a local LBS has great customer service and good pricing I’ll make it a point to support them, but locally the stores suck. Bad attitudes and nothing but trek and giant products tend to keep me away.


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