Last fall, the DJI Pocket 2 4K gimbal cam got a major upgrade, adding multiple mics to capture way better sound. Other tweaks improved video and photo quality, too, and you can check out all of the technical updates and features in our launch coverage here.

Now, for summer 2021, they’ve introduced a limited edition Sunset White Pocket 2 camera. Like the regular black one, it’s a fully self-contained 4K/60fps action camera with a 4-mic array and automatic image stabilization with its 3-axis gimbal. There’s even a built-in screen so you can see what you’re capturing without having to attach your phone.

dji pocket 2 sunset white limited edition bundle with 4k action camera gimbal

The Sunset White version comes as a special combo kit that includes a few of their accessories in the bundle, like the Mini Control Stick, Sling Strap, and Do-It-All Handle…all color-matched to the white camera. Retail is $439, available for a limited time only.

While the primary purpose for this one seems to be smoother, better selfie cam footage, it’s an option for your action camera toolbox, too. For cyclists, you can use the subject tracking to have it follow you around corners to capture more interesting footage or use the gimbal’s self stabilization to keep the action cam footage more stable when recording friends. And if you drop it in the woods, this white version will be a lot easier to find.

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