Editor’s Note: In the original version of this post, we stated that the updated Trek Roscoe no longer uses Knock Block. In fact, the previous Roscoe frames didn’t use it, or have need for its use, either.

The extremely popular Trek Roscoe hardtail mountain bike has received an overhaul for 2022. Upgrading from 27.5″+ to a 29er and rocking a 140mm travel fork, the Roscoe now sports a rather more modern trail geometry… longer, lower, slacker, you get the point, right? There are now 6 sizes available from an XS (which keeps the 27.5″+ wheels) and 29ers running from S-XL, with prices starting from a very affordable $1,699.99. We have everything you need to know about the 2022 Trek Roscoe right here.

2022 Trek Roscoe

kade edwards 2022 trek roscoe 8

Kade Edwards’ Trek Roscoe 8; this build retails at $2,299.99 USD

The 2022 Trek Roscoe is an aluminium hardtail mountain bike, now with a modern trail bike geometry. Its most recent evolution swaps out 27.5″+ wheels for faster rolling 29″ wheels, built around an all-new frame with a more progressive geometry that should improve its descending qualities immeasurably. Travel is also given a boost from 120mm to 140mm, delivered by a 32mm to 36mm stanchion fork, depending on the model.

kade edwards riding steep turns 2022 trek roscoe wales

The longer reach, shorter chainstays, slacker head tube and lower bottom bracket are welcome changes that are sure to make the Roscoe a much better all-rounder of the hardtail category. Across the XS-XL frame sizes reach has increased ~20mm and the head angle has slackened significantly to 65°.

kade edwards riding 2022 trek roscoe 8

Reach on the ML has actually increased massively from 410mm to 455mm. All frame sizes have a straight top tube, with the longer reach allowing for a more gradual angle from the head tube down to the seat tube join. This has actually improved standover as compared to the previous Roscoe. Seat tubes are also slightly shorter, with increased seat post insertion length so that riders can take advantage of a long travel dropper post.

2022 trek roscoe jumping

The effective seat tube angle of 74.7° is a major change too, now far more upright than the 70.7° SA of the 2021 iteration. Chainstays are shortened from 438mm to 430mm, though the boost spacing rear end still permits a healthy tire clearance of 29″ x 2.6″.

2022 trek roscoe tire clearance 29 x 2.6"

For the 2022 Roscoe, Trek have moved away from a proportional frame design with a consistent SA and rear-centre length across the frame sizes.

Wheel Size 27.5″+ 29″ 29″ 29″ 29″ 29″
Seat tube length 340 360 420 435 450 500
Stem length 40 40 50 50 50 50
Reach 390.0 415.0 440.0 455.0 470.0 495.0
Stack 591.5 625.6 634.6 639.2 643.7 666.4
Effective Top Tube 551.8 586.1 613.6 629.9 646.1 677.3
Chainstay length 430 430 430 430 430 430
Head tube angle (°) 65.0 65.0 65.0 65.0 65.0 65.0
Head tube length 90 90 100 105 110 135
Effective seat tube angle (°) 74.7 74.7 74.7 74.7 74.7 74.7
Actual seat tube angle (°) 73.1 73.1 73.1 73.1 73.1 73.1
BB drop 45.0 61.0 61.0 61.0 61.0 61.0
BB height 318.5 321.5 321.5 321.5 321.5 321.5
Standover 728.8 741.0 748.0 742.0 755.0 765.0
Wheelbase 1119.9 1151.4 1180.6 1197.7 1214.8 1250.4
Front center 694 728 757 775 792 827
Fork axle-to-crown 532 552 552 552 552 552
Fork offset 42 42 42 42 42 42
Trail 122.1 130.9 130.9 130.9 130.9 130.9
Fork travel 140 140 140 140 140 140
Dropper Post Insertion 235 240 255 260 280 328

Frame Details

Trek have dropped the 141 Spacing on the Roscoe, upgrading the Roscoe 7, 8 and 9 to Boost 148mm spacing running a thru-axle. The Roscoe 6 is still the previous frame, so still has the 141mm QR axle.

2022 trek roscoe 140mm hardtail mountain bike 29er trail geometry

The 2022 Trek Roscoe frame has two water bottle mounting positions; one on the seat tube and one on the top of the downtube

The 2022 Roscoe gets a SRAM UDH hanger, meaning you’ll be able to replace a bent hanger very easily, picking it up from almost any bike shop, not just those that are Trek dealers.

2022 trek roscoe downtube protection

Trek have added an internal cable fastener on the downtube. Cables aren’t fully guided internally, so may have had a tendency to rattle about within the aluminium frame, causing unwanted noise. The cable fastener secures the cables to the inside of the downtube, about half way along it, in an attempt to keep noise to a minimum.

2022 trek roscoe 9 top chain guide iscg 05 tabs

The Roscoe still runs a 73mm threaded bottom bracket that can take a 30mm spindle. The downtube gets dual-density rubber protection to save the frame from rock strikes, while the chainstay gets a double-sided guard to protect against chain slap. Trek have added an ISCG 05 tab for the mounting of a chain guide and bash guard; the top end Roscoe 9 comes with a top guide.

Pricing & Availability

Though you’ll see four models of the 2022 Trek Roscoe for sale, only the Roscoe 7, Roscoe 8 and Roscoe 9 models get this latest geometry and travel update discussed here. The budget option Roscoe 6, retailing at $1,149.99 USD, is a carry over frame from 2021, so still has the ~67.3° head tube angle, 27.5″+ wheels and 120mm travel fork. It runs an SR Suntour XCM 32mm stanchion coil fork, Alex MD35 Rims, a Shimano Deore 10 speed drivetrain, Shimano MT200 2-piston brakes and an aluminium Bontrager finishing kit.

2022 trek roscoe 7

The Roscoe 7 retails at $1,699.99 USD. It gets a RockShox Recon Silver RL 140mm fork, Bontrager Line 30 aluminium wheels, a Shimano Deore 12 speed drivetrain and Shimano MT200 2-piston brakes.

2022 trek roscoe 8

The Roscoe 8 retails at $2,299.99 USD. It features a RockShox 35 Gold RL 140mm travel fork, Bontrager Line 30 wheels, a 12 speed SRAM NX Eagle drivetrain (11-50 cassette), and Shimano’s entry level 4-piston brakes.

2022 trek roscoe 9

The top end 2022 Trek Roscoe 9 will set you back $2,699.99 USD. That hard earned cash gets you a FOX 36 Rhythm 140mm travel fork (yes, it’s a 36, that’s not a typo), Bontrager Line 30 wheelset, a Shimano SLX 12 speed drivetrain (10-51 cassette) and Shimano M6100 4-piston brakes.



  1. Seraph on

    There will also be a frame-only option for the new Roscoe. Good to see the bigger companies still offering frames for those of us who like custom builds.

    • Seraph on

      Kind of yes, kind of no. The Stache definitely started out as a fatter-tire longer-travel hardtail back in the 2000s, but it evolved into a 29+ adventure bike more or less. The new Roscoe is more of a freeride hardtail, equally at home shredding your local bike park as it is your local dirt jumps.

    • Pinky on

      I wouldnt expect it to feel much like tue stache, let alone replace it. The stache is much more unique, yet versatile. As fun on the trails as it is great for exploring and bike packing. I think the roscoe looks like a great entry bike, or a fun and capable o-fuss hardtail.

    • VazzedUp on

      Seems so, can’t see it in the lineup anymore. Still riding and loving my first gen Stache, Rosco looks to cover the main issue I have with Stache, more upfront suspension. Prefer the Stache name, such a good around bike 🙂

  2. Nick I on

    This bike looks awesome and a great improvement over the current Roscoe. But what is the point of releasing a bike in July of ’21 when it won’t be available until April of 2023?

    • Gabe on

      Because they announce it to dealers earlier who put in pre-orders and will have stock for a minute before running out and then re-upping in April of 2023.

  3. Renata Ricotta on

    Pretty bummed they are still doing the “control freak” cable rattle bs. It makes it extremely annoying to replace just rear derailleur cable and housing or a brake line. Just make it a sleeve, I’m begging you

  4. Rory on

    Can definately confirm that Roscoes have never had a knock block, I know because I owned one.

    What I’d really like to know about the spec is if trek has done away with the crappy boost 141 rear end, crappy rear hub quality and crappy bottom bracket in the R8?


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