Madrid-based component manufacturer Rotor just launched a new Outlet section to their e-commerce website that offers big discounts on many of their made-in-Europe products. In essence, a way for them to sell off remaining stock of previous-generation components, careful digging could mean the most affordable way to get ahold of a Rotor powermeter, crankset, or oval Q-Rings chainrings to upgrade your current bike.

Rotor Outlet big savings on power meters, Q-rings & more!

Rotor Outlet, discounted marked-down powermeters cranksets chainrings Qrings, chainrings

Sure, you’re not likely to find their absolute latest & greatest 2InPower DM direct mount power meters or lightest cranksets, but Rotor says the new Outlet site includes every one of their product families. We took a quick look and found single-sided road & mountain bike power meters for 360€, a 40% savings off that same product before and 50% savings vs. current model single-sided power meters.

Rotor Outlet, discounted marked-down powermeters cranksets chainrings Qrings MTB road groupsets wheels

There are also tons of options for round & oval Q-Ring bolt-on chainrings, alloy cranksets for road or mountain, carbon road wheels, and even Rotor’s unique Uno hydraulic road bike groupsets. Rotor says there are currently 100 different products on offer, and it will continue to evolve as new products launch and many more carry over, with free global delivery included.

Rotor Outlet, discounted marked-down powermeters cranksets chainrings Qrings, road & MTB

And to boost the new Rotor Outlet launch, they’re also offering an additional 5% off the already marked down prices with code: OUTLETRTRSM5 at checkout. Have a look and see if the upgrade your bike has been waiting for has been discounted.

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