It seems like all we’ve been hearing about lately has been product shortages. Increased demand coupled with breaks in the supply chain have seen availability targets go from 2021, to ’22, to even ’23 and beyond. Rather than sit idly, Mondraker is taking the wheel to expand future production – literally.

Thanks to a new state-of-the-art 12,000 square meter (129,167 sq ft) facility in Elche, Spain, Mondraker is able to bring all departments under one circular roof. That includes assembly, evidenced by perhaps the most Park PRS-33.2 Power Lift Stands we’ve ever seen in one place. Mondraker says this should “more than double the current bicycle production figures.” Hopefully, we can check this facility out in person some day soon!


  1. alloycowboy on

    Like most brands, the frames are made in Asia using cheap labour and than shipped to Mondraker in Spain for assembly with the rest of the components.


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