If you’re in your forties now, you probably remember neighbourhood kids (or perhaps yourself) cruising the streets on Mongoose’s early BMX bikes. Their Supergoose and California Special were iconic BMXs that introduced countless youth to the fun and freedom a bicycle can afford throughout the 1980’s.

Mongoose Supergoose and California Special replicas

Since achieving ‘retro’ status, the original Supergoose and California Special have both become collector’s items. Given the interest in these nostalgic bikes Mongoose is releasing a limited run of both models, which also serve to introduce the brand’s Classics Collection.

Mongoose says the reissued Supergoose and California Special are fully faithful remakes, featuring the same materials, geometry, specs and color schemes as the original bikes.

California Special

Mongoose California Special, blue

The replica California Special is based upon Mongoose’s original 1983 model year, and is built entirely from high tensile steel. If the chrome finish wasn’t enough, the head tube reinforcement and rear stay yokes simply scream 80’s style!

Mongoose California Special, black

This steel steed rides on Mongoose’s drilled alloy Pro Class rims wrapped with gumwall Snake Belly tires.  Braking is handled (somewhat..!) by period-accurate Dia Compe MX brakes and levers, and the handlebar looks surprisingly modern for 1983.

Mongoose California Special, red

The chrome California Special gets three different color schemes: Blue, red or black. Each boasts a selection of color-matched parts including a set of Mongoose Pro Series pads, tires, grips, seats, brake calipers and levers, and even the cable housing.


Mongoose Supergoose, red

While it first launched in 1979, the replica Supergoose is based upon the ‘looptail’ frame design introduced in 1984. The Supergoose features a full 4130 chromoly frame, and rolls on Mongoose’s Pro Class rims. It also features Mongoose Pro Class handlebars, Dia Compe MX brakes and levers, a hinged Dia Compe seat clamp, and of course a retro three-piece pad set.

Mongoose Supergoose, black, close up

To match the old school originals the Supergoose gets two colorways – A red frame with blue components, or a black frame with red accents. The pad set, tires, seats, grips, chainrings and even cable housings are all color-coded to ensure an authentic look.

Mongoose retro bike box

Images c. Mongoose

For added collector appeal, these bikes will ship out in ‘80’s inspired white litho-laminated boxes that feature classic Mongoose artwork. The Supergoose sells for $549.99 and the California Special costs $449.99. Both models are expected to ship in late October.



  1. TP on

    This article is full of mistakes.

    The California Special used the standard Mongoose chromo front triangle frame, chromo Team fork. Double head gussets were normal from ’75 on. Gussets went away in the ’80s, mostly. The handlebars shape was also ordinary by 79. Stu Thompson made sure of that.

    The ’84 Supergoose looptail was originally called the Pro Class and was introduced in ’82. I had one.

  2. Dinger on

    The alleged mistakes seem all the more egregious because it’s very likely that these factoids were provided by the good folks at Mongoose.

  3. John Hansen on

    I have a feeling these will not actually be chrome plated, but a painted to look like chrome finish like the “Stanger Things Mad Max” model. I sent an email and just waiting to hear back.


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