The all-new Continental Grand Prix 5000 S TR tubeless-ready road bike tire is the one many, many Conti fans have been waiting for. Long loved for its durability and all-around great performance, it’s been a hold out in going tubeless.

Now, with a completely new design casing to make it faster and lighter, the GP goes from being an everyday tire to a race-ready performer. Here are the details…

women cyclists riding the new tubeless ready Continental Gran Prix 5000 S TR road bike tire

“Following on from the success of the Grand Prix 5000 – which has arguably become one of the most well-loved performance road tires in the world – we are delighted to announce the launch of Grand Prix 5000 S TR,” said Oliver Anhuth, Head of Marketing TwoWheel Tires, Continental. “We created this new tire to combine maximum performance with ease of use and reliability, regardless of whether a cyclist chooses to race, to spend long days out exploring the roads, to ride through summer or all year round. All new hookless compatibility and tubeless capabilities will put convenience without compromise at the heart of every cyclist’s ride.”

rider on a bike with the new tubeless ready Continental Gran Prix 5000 S TR road bike tire

By the numbers, compared to the Grand Prix 5000 TL 700×25, the new Continental Grand Prix 5000 S TR is:

  • 20% faster
  • 28% more sidewall protection
  • 50g lighter

And, they say they’re easier to mount thanks to the hookless rim compatibility. The casing uses a new 2-layer sidewall that’s more supple, yet also more cut resistant and supportive. They say this improves both comfort and handling.

max tire pressure chart for continental gran prix 5000 s tr tubeless road bike tires

They’re still compatible with standard clincher rims with a hook (aka “crochet style rims”), with different recommended maximum tire pressures depending on the type of rim you’re mounting it to and the size of the tire.

tubeless ready Continental Gran Prix 5000 S TR road bike tire

After more than 18 months of development on this tire, they proved its worth in the peloton this year with Filippo Ganna’s (INEOS-Grenadiers) World Championship time trial victory in September and Sonny Colbrelli’s win (Bahrain-Victorious) at Paris-Roubaix in October.

tubeless ready Continental Gran Prix 5000 S TR road bike tire

It’ll come in two versions, Black and Transparent sidewalls, with the latter getting two 650B options:

Black sidewall tires
700C weights – 250g (25mm) / 280g (28mm) / 300g (30mm) / 320g (32mm)

Transparent sidewall tires
700C weights: 250g (25mm) / 280g (28mm) / 300g (30mm) / 320g (32mm)
650B weights: 280g (650Bx30) / 300g (650Bx32)

Both use Continental’s Black Chili compound, Vectran Breaker puncture protection, and LazerGrip tread patches. They’re available starting October 2021, MSRP 79,90€ per tire.


  1. tech9 on

    I seriously wonder if a lot of this change has more to do with lack of shops willing to carry the gp5000 tubeless version due to them being near impossible to mount by normal cyclist. We had stopped carrying after too many complaints about hard mounting and hookless not being compatible.

    Looks like we’ll have to hit up QBP to see if we can start to get these and give these a shot. I hope this bead is at least manageable.

  2. Matthias on

    For discoverability’s sake, could you fix the product name please? It’s spelled correctly, Grand as in piano, about once, and “Gran” as in gear everywhere including the headline

  3. Brian McCleerey on

    I’ve never had a problem mount GP5000 TL or any tubeless tire for that matter. Use a tire lever and wrench it on. EZ. you don’t need to be gentle. The bead is near indestructible and 99% of rims can handle the force without marring. I never understood how people have trouble, yes they’re tight, I think the main problem is people don’t realize how much brute force they are allowed to use/how much the equipment can handle. I’ve been running tubeless since 2015 and I’ve used about 8 different wheelsets and 15 different tires. It’s tires that have too loose of a bead that are the problem. Tight is good with road tires.

  4. alloycowboy on

    @tech9… I would say you are probably correct on the reason for the update of the GP5000 tubless tires. In order to get the old GP5000 tires to mount up tubless you first had to remove all the manufactures oils inside to tire with soak and water. Then you had to work tire sealant into the inside of tire with a nylon scrub brush to seal up all the pores in the tire casing as per Continentals Youtube mounting instructional video.

    So needless to say the old casing were just porous for intended purpose.

  5. FritzP on

    Guess I’ve gotten special batches of GP5000TL tires… Yes, I have to use a tire lever to mount them, but they aren’t especially hard when i start opposite the valve and keep the bead in the channel (Roval CL & CLX rims). And scrubbing the inside? Never did that and haven’t seen any leaking sealant. Haven’t seen seepage in any Conti Protection casing tires. They’ve been great actually. Fast, long lasting and don’t puncture easily.

  6. Gillis on

    My experience is about the same as FritzP. Except with Hunt Limitless and Dura Ace wheels. No issues whatsoever. Went on easy and used a standard floor pump to seat them…without even putting sealant in first. I’ve had a few minor punctures, but only noticed them between rides.

  7. Antoine Martin on

    Also never had a problem with my 5000, they did not leak sealant (like many schwalbe or vittoria do) nor were particularly hard to mount. At least they did not blew out of my rims like some scwhalbe did which is seriously scary.
    I laugh at “race day performance”. Man “classic” 5000 are some of the fastest tire ever made as measured in many tests. within 2w of the best performers. I like it’s even faster but regular 5000 are already perfectly “race ready”. They also gave the peace of mind no other fast tire give.

  8. patrick on

    Same experience as many others with three different sets. No tubeless issues. If your rim has a tubeless channel and you don’t mount them bone-dry, there’s no issues. The Gen 1 Vittoria Corsa speed is the only tubeless tire that I have ever really struggled with. Some MTB stuff on Bontrager rims WITH their rubber rim strip are a pain, but it’s because of the rim strip and not the tire. Add in a tire insert with that setup and you will hit your fun quota for the day.

    Sounds like we have a new ‘best tire for most people’ again, even if the marketing is only halfway true.

  9. dr_lha on

    I’m not sure if I’m a “normal cyclist” or not, but I’ve fitted GP5000 TL on two different wheelsets. First for a friend who had Shimano Dura-Ace wheelset, which was dead easy, literally went on with fingers and a single tire lever, and inflated with a floor pump. Second was on a Kinlin rim, and was a bit more difficult, but once you get the bead in the channel, it goes on. I’ll admit I used a Kool Stop tire jack for the Kinlins. So while I would say that it’s certainly at the tougher end for a tire, it’s not a deal breaker. Maybe “normal cyclists” who can’t fit them should leave it up to their bike shop!

  10. Seraph on

    @alloycowboy: Sounds like you’ve gotten a few lemons. We’ve never had a problem sealing a GP5000 TL here at the shop. The trick is to not try to run anything smaller than a 28 tubeless.

  11. Jeff Heck on

    Love the GP4000 and GP5000. Fast, durable and wear well. Both were extremely hard to mount to ICAN carbon wheels but worth the effort. A noticeable difference in speed, handling and cross winds. I will be getting the new version for the FX4.


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