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2025 Rockshox Charger 3.1 Damper Gets Squishier, More Tunable

2025 rockshox lyrik fork being ridden fast on a trail.
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For 2025 Pike, Lyrik, ZEB, and Boxxer forks, Rockshox’s top end models will get a new Charger 3.1 damper that has a dramatically wider adjustment range and softer overall compression.

The goal was to reduce small “trail chatter” vibrations and harshness felt at the hands with softer low-speed compression damping while also giving aggressive riders more support. But they also made the bushings better for smoother action, and added user-adjustable mid-valve tuning for even more customization. Here’s how they did it…

Charger 3.1 RC2 Damper

2025 rockshox charger 3-1 damper controls and internal view of compression circuits.

Rockshox’s Charger 3.0 already had completely independent high- and low-speed compression circuits, letting you adjust one without affecting the other, which is called “cross talk”. That independence also means Rockshox can change the damping fluid’s flow management in one circuit without affecting the other, and that’s exactly what they did.

The low-speed compression circuit is much softer, with 68% more oil flow. That means it provides much less overall damping in the middle setting, so it’s better able to absorb the little stuff for a softer beginning stroke. This also helps your tire track the ground better.

cutaway view with feature callouts for 2025 rockshox charger 3-1 damper.

The high-speed circuit, however, lets you go firmer than before…if you want. For really aggressive riders, this helps them maintain control on massive high speed hits. For the rest of us, rest easy knowing that it, too, can go softer:

chart showing increased damping adjustment range for 2025 rockshox charger 3-1 damper.

The overall tuning range of both high- and low-speed compression circuits is about double what it used to be, so you can more easily find the setting that works for you.

If you’re just catching up, the “RC2” part of that means external low-speed rebound and external high- and low-speed compression adjustment.

Upgradeable, modifiable design

2025 rockshox charger 3-1 damper upgrade.

Like many of their recent damper and air spring updates, the Charger 3.1 RC2 cartridge ($358) is backward compatible with 2023 forks. You can swap in the entire damper cartridge if you’re upgrading from a lower level fork…

2025 rockshox charger 3-1 damper upgrade kit.

…or just order the parts kit to convert your Charger 3.0 to a 3.1 damper. The $75 kit includes the piston assembly, IFP spring, tuning shims,
and the Charger 3.1 High Flow Piston Tool.

Just want to fiddle with the 3.1 damper’s tune? Shim Tune Kits ($30) give you an additional “Heavy” compression tune and two rebound tunes (Light & Heavy) are available, letting you make internal adjustments, too. Stock tune kits are also available in case you need to go back to the original setup and lost the parts.

New bushings & air springs

2025 rockshox fork bushings cutaway

New bushings and new/improved manufacturing processes pioneered on the latest Boxxer have now moved to the Pike, Lyrik, and ZEB, too. Rockshox says this reduces friction.

The Pike’s V2 Debonair+ air spring gets a hollowed-out top cap to increase the negative air spring volume for easier travel initiation, better small bump sensitivity, and improved traction. This part is also available as an aftermarket upgrade for 2023+ Pike forks.

Models & options

The 38mm-stanchion ZEB now comes in Boxxer, er, Electric Red. The Charger 3.1 RC2 dampers comes on the Ultimate (2,341g, $1,159), which includes vibration-damping Butter Cups, and Select+ (2,295g, OE only), which does not. There’s also Select (2,309g, $896) with Charger RC damper, and a base model (2,341g, OE only) with their Rush RC damper. All are available from 150-190mm travel, in 27.5″ and 29″ wheel sizes.

The 35mm-stanchion Lyrik gets the same spec options across the line for Ultimate (2,028g, $1,099), Select+ (1,968g, OE only), Select (1,928g, $843), and base models (1,973g, OE only). Travel ranges from 140-160mm in both wheel sizes.

For trail riders, the 35mm-stanchion Pike covers 120-140mm travel with both wheel sizes and has the same damper options across the models – Ultimate (1,887g, $1,049), Select+ (1,828g, OE only), Select (1,778g, $790), and base (1,833g, OE only).


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