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Hot New Flat Pedals from VP Components – Prototype and Actual

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VP is working on a new high-end Vision freeride/DH pedal that’ll be 12mm thick at the center and 14mm at the edges, giving it a curved surface. No bearing bulge at the axle near the crankarm planned, which they can do because they’re developing and forging in house. Actual bearing system is still in development along with the all-new axle design. Will be fully user servicable and rebuildable, though. Slated for release at Interbike, in testing now. Should be a bit over $100.

For stuff you can actually ride now, and a few more prototypes, click ‘more’…

New 007 and 00X are currently available directly from vp-usa.com. Both use their existing bearing design from the VP59 pedals of three bearings on a forged chromoly axle. The 007 (blue) is designed to provide max grip in a flat pedal, made for DH/FR. The 00X has lower pins to have medium grip and made for urban riding or dirt jump, or if you’re running super grippy shoes.

New Goldsprint flat pedal is a little smaller but is made to work with new toe clips they’ve designed. This one’s a prototype, but it’ll come with a double leather strap and get a little (OK, a lot) more polish before hitting launch at Interbike. It’s designed so you can cinch down the straps and actually pull back on the pedal for things like bunny hops or sprinting for gold and such. The double straps will have room to slide in the top of the clip, which will make them independently adjustable for a better fit.

The VP59 gets a redesign, and the new axle-less DH-1 (below), both coming for Interbike.

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12 years ago

VP Products are light and shiny but after running a pair of 00xs for dirt jumping and downhilling – I went back to my old heavy pedals.

The problem is the platform is too narrow and the pins are not grippy enough. Straightlines, Pointones. WahWahs are all much wider and thus easier to find when your pedal slips or you need to readjust yourself. Furthermore, even with 510s they aren’t nearly grippy enough!

The VP59 has a large central axle and less pins on the edges in order to make it easier to reposition your feet but the axle ends up hurting my feet (despite the thick stiff soles of my 510s and 6.0s).

VP makes beautiful light products but they just aren’t wide, comfortable, or grippy enough for my ride.

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