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Hands-On: 4iiii New Dual-Sided PRECISION 3+ PRO Powermeter, Integrated with Apple Find My

4iiii New Dual-Sided PRECISION 3+ PRO on bike
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You might remember hearing about 4iiii launching a PRECISION 3+ PRO single-sided power meter with Apple Find My capability. Those looking for a power meter refresh will be happy to note that the new 4iiii PRECISION 3+ PRO now comes in dual-sided options. Let’s see what all the fuss is about…

What’s New? 4iiii New Dual-Sided PRECISION 3+ PRO Powermeter

The new Dual-Sided PRECISION 3+ PRO unit has the same power-gathering features as the 4iiii PRECISION 3+, with the additional benefit of dual-sided power metrics. It also carries over the Apple Find My (bike) tech from the single-sided version launched last April. 

4iiii New Dual-Sided PRECISION 3+ PRO logo

The 4iiii power meters utilize patented 3D strain gauge technology, which claims to provide data within +/-1% accuracy. Another cool feature is the terrain selector, which claims to enhance cadence sampling and elevate the accuracy of power measurements depending on what you’re riding. The selector achieves this by automatically shifting between the onboard accelerometer during steady road sectors and the built-in gyroscope for variable off-road and high RPM efforts. 

The battery life is another high point of the PRECISION 3+ PRO. Claimed to last 550 hours — we couldn’t max it out in our test period, but we’ll get there. 

4iiii New Dual-Sided PRECISION 3+ PRO frame clearance

Alongside the battery, there are some other practical additions, including IPX7 waterproofing and an extremely thin (5.5mm) thickness.

The ultra-thin design makes the 4iiii PRECISION 3+ PRO able to fit more bike frames (Trek) without a headache.

The weight is also impressive; 4iiii claims the non-drive adds around 5g, but on our scales, it is more like 8g. As for the drive side, our 4iiii Dual-Sided PRECISION 3+ PRO weight is 17g, less than the claimed 29g by 4iiii.

4iiii New Dual-Sided PRECISION 3+ PRO non drive side on bike

The new PRECISION 3+ PRO dual-side power includes left/right power balance, pedaling efficiency, torque effectiveness, and performance experience. 

Teaming up with Specialized: Suppose you’re shopping for a new bike: the new PRECISION 3+ PRO will debut on Shimano-equipped Specialized S-Works Tarmac SL8 and Aethos models. 

Available Models

Ride-ready 4iiii PRECISION 3+ PRO Shimano Dura-Ace 9200 and Ultegra 8100 models will be available through 4iiii retail partners worldwide. Factory Installations on existing cranks will be immediately available via the Canadian facility, select retailers, and 4iiii.com. Local Factory Installations in the UK, Benelux, and Spain will be available soon.

In the coming months, look for Shimano XT, XTR, GRX (1×11 and 1×12), Ultegra 8000, and Dura-Ace 9100 in the Factory Install lineup.

4iiii New Dual-Sided PRECISION 3+ PRO Pricing 

4iiii New Dual-Sided PRECISION 3+ PRO pricing

First Impressions 

4iiii New Dual-Sided PRECISION 3+ PRO box

I’ve used a 4iiii PRECISION 3+  power meter for some time, but never the dual version of any of their meters. The out-of-the-box presentation is charming. The unit comes in a 4iiii custom box with some easy-to-use install instructions and is well-packaged. 

4iiii New Dual-Sided PRECISION 3+ PRO unside

I received the Utegra 12-speed R8100 version with a 52×36 setup. The drive-side power pod is positioned on the crankarm and snakes near the center of the crank.

4iiii New Dual-Sided PRECISION 3+ PRO underside on bike

The strain gauges do not cover the entire inner bolt. The 4iiii pod attaches to the crankarm and hides nicely behind the large chainring.

4iiii New Dual-Sided PRECISION 3+ PRO install instructions

Three small Philips head screws hold the battery cover on, and it is in a slight triangle shape with the 4iiii logo. 

Installation — 4iiii PRECISION 3+ PRO

4iiii New Dual-Sided PRECISION 3+ PRO unboxing

The installation is as easy as installing a Shimano crankset. I removed a GRX crankset and had to adjust the height of the front derailleur, which is standard when moving to a larger chainring. Besides the typical turn of the limit screw for an extra crisp shift, the installation was easy. No extra spacers or 4iiii proprietary shims are needed. 

4iiii New Dual-Sided PRECISION 3+ PRO non drive side on bike

Pairing the PRECISION 3+ PRO unit was simple. Like any new electronic kit, it requires some extra steps. Make sure to connect to the 4iiii app, do a zero reset, and update to the latest version. The 4iiii app is a nice tool for managing the meters and ensuring their health. 

4iiii New Dual-Sided PRECISION 3+ PRO compair chart

After calibration via the 4iiii app, I connected the units to my Garmin 1040 solar and rolled. On subsequent rides, my head unit required a prompt to connect to the unit. I had to go into the sensors and select the power meters. 

PRECISION 3+ PRO Power Readings 

4iiii New Dual-Sided PRECISION 3+ PRO apple find my

Regarding power readings, the 4iiii was on par with my Quarq and single-sided 4iiii unit. It responds well in real-time, and I haven’t had to clean up any power spikes in data afterward. Everything looks clean and consistent, but there’s more to come in a long-term review later this spring.

4iiii Apple Find My Integration 

4iiii New Dual-Sided PRECISION 3+ PRO apple find my re-name

I was very excited about the Find My integration and not having to use an Air Tag on my bike. This feature can be super helpful, not only as a “Where’s my bike” if it gets stolen. It can be used for traveling, making sure your luggage (bike) gets on the plane, or checking the status of the bike in front of the cafe’. It’s some extra peace of mind. 

4iiii New Dual-Sided PRECISION 3+ PRO apple find my process

The setup was simple and only required a few extra steps beyond installing an AirTag. The power meter unit needs to be in pairing mode. You’ll have to take the battery case off and re-install the battery three times. If you do this correctly, you’ll see a blinking blue light. This blinking light means the meter is in ‘pairing mode’. In tandem, pull up the Find My App on your phone and “add item.” This feature is for items outside the Apple universe or those with Find My integration. 

4iiii New Dual-Sided PRECISION 3+ PRO apple find my location

After that, you name the item, choose an emoji, and you’re all set. Unlike some Find My enabled units, the 4iiii doesn’t make a sound to find it (like an AirPods case) but has turn-by-turn directions.

It would be cool if it had an alarm as a theft deterrent, but that would be a tough ask for a hard-used bike component. 

4iiii PRECISION 3+ PRO Final Impressions 

The 4iiii PRECISION 3+ PRO has been a pleasure to ride. The only hiccups I’ve experienced are some extra time to get my head unit to find the sensor on random occasions. Other than that, the unit has performed as described. The Find My feature is something I love, and I hope to see it on more bikes in the future. 

Stay tuned for a long-term review this spring.


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