The 4iiii Precision Podiiiium crank-based power meters are now shipping pre-installed on Shimano 105, Ultegra and Dura-Ace cranksets. Shown at last year’s Interbike with the promise of early 2018 delivery, the program is called “Ride Ready” because they ship already attached to a new left-side crank arm. All you need to do is swap out your existing non-drive crank arm and pair it with your head unit and off you go.

The Ride Ready units only come on the three Shimano crank arms, with retail price for the arm plus power meter running from $399 to $599. Or, you can send in your own cranks to have the rechargeable Podiiiium units attached in their factory, then returned. If you don’t mind a short wait, that’ll only run you $399 for left-side only and can be done to virtually any Shimano crankset from 105 and XT or better; SRAM XX1, X01 and Red carbon cranks, Campagnolo Potenza, plus some Cannondale and Praxis cranks, too. Check their website for exact models, and hit up this post for more tech details.


  1. Jeff on

    Promise of early 2018 availability, but this Canadian company ( who should really know the North America riding season) has product ready to ship in October? That’s a fail quite frankly, I purchased power cranks.

  2. cxramble on

    Been riding the podiiiium for 2 months. Flawless function so far. It seems accurate when comparing number side by side on my Kickr. better reviews than Stages. A+ so far. My way more expensive Quarq power that I bought at the same time has had more issues (still pretty good though), mainly with pairing after Garmin updates. Both are good products.

  3. O. Tan on

    So the difference between podiiiium and precision is only that one uses coin cell batteries and the other feature rechargeable?

    Besides environmental concerns, wouldn’t the built-in battery means it’ll hold less charge over the years?

  4. TheKaiser on

    Yeah, are you sure you mean PowerCranks, or did you mean InfoCranks? I’d assume you know what you’re talking about, since you bought them, but PowerCranks are not a comparable product.


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