Mark Sander’s IF Mode is a beautiful folding bike that won a Eurobike ’08 Award.  It folds down very small, offers chainless pedaling and a design that might actually make normal people want one. Check out specs and more pics after the break…even the pedals fold flat!

The idea is to make it very easy to use without having to dress like a cyclist to commute.

The bike uses single sided stays and fork to help it fold very narrow.  It weighs in at about 27.5 lbs, has two speeds and comes with full size 26″ wheels rolling on Kenda 26×1.5″ rubber.


If you remove the wheels, the IF Mode fits into a standard suitcase (above, shown with prototype wheels).  Below, shown next to a person and table for scale.

Made by Pacific Cycles, the U.S. Distributor is Alternative Transportation. It’s not listed on their website yet, but their contact info is.  More pictures of the bike can be found here.


  1. Lloyd on

    Suitcase is a ‘Delsey 4×4’
    If Mode available via (who will sell direct almost anywhere – I know cos I got mine from them – warning this bike is like a magnet, even unfolded it gets A LOT of interest, fold it up and a crowd gathers ! no for the shy but otherwise one of my favourite bikes !)


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