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AASQ Callout Reminder: Ask Bontrager anything about indoor trainer saddle setup!

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For many cyclists, the time has come to saddle up indoors for winter weekday training sessions. Have you put any thought into how you will set your bike up for the turbo trainer? Or are you simply going to stick it in the trainer and pedal off into the virtual distance?

Consider the possibility that there could be a lot of value in tailoring your saddle setup for the indoor trainer, to avoid overuse injuries from the static ride position.

Ask Bontrager about turbo trainer saddle position

bontrager verse saddle setup

This week, we have Bontrager on hand for a grilling on the very topic. Here’s your chance to ask the experts about saddle positioning for indoor training:

  • Should there be a change in the fore or aft adjustment of your saddle? Or seat angle?
  • How do saddles with a droop or curve in the design affect riding on a trainer?
  • How does an upward kick at the tail affect riding on a trainer?
  • Do you need to use an entirely different saddle for indoor riding than for outdoor?

bontrager verse elite 3 road saddle turbo trainer adjustment training indoors

These are just some of the questions we’ll be asking Bontrager. Submit your question here, and we’ll get their answer for you by December 18th!


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Larry Morse
Larry Morse
3 years ago

Since weight isnt an issue should you go with a nice big padded seat?
Thank you

3 years ago

As for me I feel that the big and padded saddles give me more numbness on the trainer than skinny and flat saddles. Not sure if it it because your are stationary and resting the weight most of the time on the same spot and therefore all the padded surface blocks a bigger area of circulation causing numbness. I prefer a skinny flat carbon saddle on the trainer.

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