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Double Your Security with ABUS Locks Wall Anchor

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You’ve got your bike inside, out of the elements like a good bike owner. Being locked behind closed doors is one level of security that won’t be enough for some. ABUS wants to take your bike’s safety and security to the next level with its new Wall Anchor (WBA65).

The ABUS Wall Anchor is a semi-permanent solution, helping the bike owner to double down on their bike security. Pair it with a chain or U-lock and it’s an easy way to thwart bike thievery.

ABUS Wall Anchor WBA65 with hanger

Once the ABUS Wall Anchor is securely anchored to the wall or cement floor, the anchor’s wall bracket and integrated anchor offer that dual solution for securing your bike.

A Different Approach

When you are out on the town, we’re used to locking our steeds to a street sign post or dedicated bike racks. Locking your bike in a garage or shed, takes a different approach. Installing the ABUS Wall Anchor to any surface within your garage or shed, allows you to lock your bike to a fixed object with a bike lock.

ABUS Wall Anchor WBA65 pedal hanger

Beyond the security that the Wall Anchor gives you, the wall bracket transforms the WBA65 into a versatile storage solution. Using the wall bracket enables you to create space and enable the bike to be conveniently hung on the wall.

ABUS Wall Anchor WBA65 locked up

ABUS Wall Anchor Specs and Retail

Retail: $79.99

  • Recommended for securing e-bikes and sporty bicycles to the cellar and garage wall
  • Ideal for space-saving wall mounting
  • Hex head lag bolts. Bolts are secured with ball bearings preventing a tool from being inserted for removal
  • 10mm thick shackle
  • Holder for the rear wheel
  • Simple installation
  • Security Level: 10/15
  • Made in Germany
  • Weight: 1,094g.
  • Color: Black


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Marc Smith
Marc Smith
30 days ago

I mean, a bit of torx juice and its gone but I do like the practicality of just an added deterant.

29 days ago

Don’t get it. If the screw heads would be covered by the Lock, ok, but how it is done, now, simply unscrew the torx and take the bike with you? I would feel way safer using for example a HipLock Ankr and regular wall mounts, TBH

28 days ago
Reply to  Basti

And now zoom in on the picture and tell me how you are gonig to insert your torx key in that screw head.

29 days ago

I think you guys missed this detail: “Bolts are secured with ball bearings preventing a tool from being inserted for removal”. You can see the ball bearings in a couple photos, they are hammered into the torx “hole” and prevent removal with a wrench. I took the extra step of covering the bolt heads with epoxy, on a similar floor anchor.

Marc Smith
Marc Smith
28 days ago
Reply to  Dano

yep did not read that !

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