What do you do when one of your most popular products reaches a milestone like the 10 year anniversary? Make a special edition, of course. Considered somewhat of a revolution in lock design, the Abus Bordo series allowed for a compact, folding lock that still offered a high level of security – but its creation wasn’t easy. According to Abus, the ability to create the theft resistant rivets required all new machinery which could apply enough force to connect them…


Photos c. Abus

That was in 2006, and once the machinery and the design were dialed in, the lock was off and running. Over 10 years, the lock has been revised to add even more security, better coatings for the links to prevent scratching the frames, and additional versions that were lighter, had combinations instead of keys, etc.

The new Bordo Black is the latest in the line of folding locks, and is meant as a limited edition. Sold in special packaging that includes a Bordo Black neck gaiter, the locks retail for $189.99. If that’s a little steep, Abus is also running a competition where they will be giving away one of the special editions at the end of January. Follow the link below to enter.

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5 years ago

It shouldn’t be forgotten, that Specialiced had made the first folding lock – the Wedlock – it went out of production as soon as Abus took the stage with the Bordo.