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Acer eKinekt Bike Desk uses pedal power to charge your laptop

acer ekinekt bike desk 3

Shown at CES 2023, the upcoming Acer eKinekt Bike Desk converts power from the integrated stationary bicycle to charge your laptop, phone, tablet, and more.

The combined bike trainer plus desk has integrated USB-C (1) and USB-A (2) ports to power up multiple devices at once, turning last night’s pasta dinner into electrons to feed your electronics. A cup holder keeps your coffee or water bottle from toppling off should you juice things up with intervals.

One hour of riding at 60rpm can generate 75 watts of power. For cyclists, 60rpm is easy (or, hard if we’re grinding a hard gear), so hopefully anyone reading this here could create more power than that.

acer eKinekt bike desk closeup of desktop

The desktop is an eco-friendly PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled) plastic and is height adjustable, as is the seat height. Pedaling resistance is also adjustable, so you can use it as a way to keep moving, or actually get a real workout in.

The desk slides fore-aft so you can position it closer for work, or slide it away for easier access to the “handlebar” grips for when you want to use it as a trainer.

A companion app tracks your workouts, estimating calories burned and watts generated…if only it could connect to Strava. Available starting June 2023 for North America and Europe for $999/€999.


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Bob W.
Bob W.
1 year ago

Looking forward to discover more about this. Would be nice if they offered something for cyclists and not office workers though. Pedal stance looks too wide, seat looks comfy for sitting but not pedaling, and 75watts resistance is very low.

Roger Pedacter
Roger Pedacter
1 year ago
Reply to  Bob W.

It *kinda* sounds like you’re just looking for one of the literally dozens of indoor trainers already available…?

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