Aerozine is a Taiwanese brand that makes a wide variety of cranksets, chainrings and now bottom brackets, and they have some interesting designs for all of them. The cranks, which are available in alloy and these exceptionally light carbon fiber versions, use their ALS (Adjustable Length System) inserts to let you fine tune the distance from crank spindle to pedal spindle.

Their mountain bike carbon crankset comes in at a claimed weight of just 477g with a 34t direct mount chainring. Which is impressive enough, but then they add the ALS chip system and a fully modular design.

The ALS chips come in a variety of sizes, allowing adjustments from 165mm to 175mm, with 2.5mm increments throughout that range. For when you really want to get it juuuust right, they’ve recently added 171-174 and 172-173 adjustments, too.

It’s used across their crankset collection, including these standard 4-arm versions for non-direct mount chainrings. They recently added 104BCD and asymmetric Shimano-compatible 96BCD chainrings, too.

Another unique feature of their system is the Way Point Axle. It’s available in 30mm diameter only, but comes in standard road, mountain, Boost and Super-Boost widths. The crank arms bolt onto either end, so you can easily swap them onto any bike as long as you have the spare axle to fit your other ride.

The design also allows unto 2.5mm of installation adjustment, meaning it doesn’t require any wave washer or other mechanism to accommodate frame intolerances…just tighten them down until they’re providing the right amount of preload or lose any slop and you’re good to go. (Just don’t over tighten them!)

Those spindles slide into their new bottom brackets, which not only come in a range of colors, but get oversized wrench faces for easier installation. Called the Hexagon Type, they say it promises slip-free installation using their matching tool, and it’s available for threaded and press-fit style frames. The press-fit versions use a full-width alloy shell that threads together for a tight, creak-free experience.

Their chainrings are CNC’d from a single block of aluminum and available in matching colors and round or oval designs. Or…

You can opt for their titanium chainrings, which aren’t currently listed on their website but were shown front and center at Taipei Cycle Show.


  1. TheKaiser on

    Those are some really cool features on the cranks, although I’d need to know more about how the crankarms are tightened down relative to the preload on the BB bearings. In my experience, if its the crankarms that provide the preload, and not some sort of threaded collar, and there is a concern about over tightening them, then that is a invitation for a loose arm and destroyed spline interface.

  2. FFM on

    Knockoff SRAM chainring, knockoff RaceFace spindle, and the two unique features are: a solution to a problem few people have – even fewer have often enough to warrant adjustability – and a BB that requires another new tool/big crescent wrench. Where do I sign?

    • Celest Greene on

      I think that we can complain about a SRAM compatible chainring or a proprietary tool but you really can’t have it both ways.

  3. Dee Eight on

    Aerozine has been using that ALS length adapter for about five years now. Pretty late to the party discovering this brand guys…


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