Typically, when a decent-sized brand like Alchemy runs out of inventory, it’s not because they forecasted poorly. More likely, it means they intentionally sold off old inventory to make room for something new coming. And that seems to be exactly the case with their mountain bikes.

Just before the holidays, they posted that they’d sold out of their mountain bikes. Now, they’re teasing an all-new version of their full suspension Arktos trail mountain bike, but only for those on their VIP email list. And, you know, we like to give our readers a peak behind the velvet ropes, so here ya go…

2021 Alchemy Arktos mountain bike

spy shot of new alchemy arktos full suspension mountain bike available for pre order

The screenshot above, along with the feature image, shows some key differences in the new frame compared to the original Arktos mountain bike.

The most pronounced change is how the downtube juts out from the bottom bracket. This makes room for a water bottle cage inside the front triangle, directly under the shock. Another bottle cage mount is below that, allowing you to run two short 16-20oz bottles on the bike.

2019 Alchemy Arktos Short Travel full suspension mountain bike

The Arktos ST debuted in 2019, offering a “Short Travel” version of the bike.

Shown above, the Arktos has had a number of options available to it since launching in 2015 with a unique Sine Wave suspension designed by Dave Earle…and 27.5″ wheels only. Then, in 2016, they moved production overseas to meet demand, which makes sense since the Arktos isn’t available in custom sizes and geo like most of the rest of Alchemy’s bikes.

In 2018, they added a 29er option, which eventually replaced the 27.5″ models altogether. Until, that is, they added the Nine7Five mullet version, which put a 27.5″ wheel on the rear by swapping the upper linkage. Just before that, though, they launched the Arktos 29 ST (Short Travel) option for folks wanting a bit faster, more efficient bike on “light trail” days.

What’s new?

Now, with the new version, they’re promising three different travel settings and other upgrades. But, that’s all they’re teasing until things open up at the end of the month.

Update: Alchemy confirms 3 travel configurations from one frameset. Plus, the new bike will improve standover clearance, long travel dropper post compatability, and promises to include 2 water bottle mounts for long ride days.

You can get on the pre-order list for first access to the bike’s debut on January 30, and check out the looped teaser video on their website:



    • Mr Pink on

      Well for those who actually ride their bikes vs keeping them on the back of their BMW a water bottle comes in handy.

      And it doesn’t ruin the aesthetics at all. Well, unless you’re a first year industrial design student who’s never ridden a bike.

  1. AELIII on

    For some reason I thought they were made in the U.S., like Gorrila Gravity. I was eyeing Alchemy but they were sold out. I’m glad I came across this write up. Now I’m not interested.

  2. allan on

    The Arktos such a gorgeous bike, I hope they didn’t screw up the lines for the sake of a freeking water bottle. I mean a fanny pack costs like nothing.

  3. Monty on

    I have the 2020 Alchemy Arktos frame that i built XT and Undustry Nine wheels and i realy dont miss the water bottle cage but really like how this bike rides both up and down.


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