Colnago has just announced their all-new C60, the range topping road bike of their line.

The bike gets all new tube shapes, lugs and many other details to set it apart. Tube profiles have a more pronounced extrusion of Colnago’s signature “star” shape, and that shape carries over to the lugs and seat tube for the first time. Wall thickness is reduced, but tube diameters go up, yielding a frame they say is lighter, stiffer and stronger without compromising comfort.

Heck, even the dropouts and water bottle mounts were redesigned to be lighter and stronger, too…


Three color schemes will be offered: Racing (black), Italia (above) and Classic.


The head tube looks blends the lugs into the shape smoothly and integrates the cable stops for internal routing.


The seat tube flares as it heads to the bottom bracket junction, becoming wider and taking full advantage of the shell’s size.



The new forged, CNC machined aluminum dropouts are said to be lighter than carbon alternatives. And stiffer and stronger, with better crash protection thanks to an inboard mounted breakaway derailleur hanger. A notch on the outside edge offers cleaner wiring for electronic systems.


The disc brake version will come shortly after the rim brake frames, and it’ll stretch to 135mm rear spacing. Gone is the one-piece mount, replaced by a threaded, co-molded alloy caliper mount on the front with a removable alloy mount at the rear. Compared to the C59, they dropped a whopping 140 grams (!!!) from the disc brake frame for the C60. They say it’ll also make installation and set up easier. The C59 came with 140mm rotors, but this rendering suggests it could allow for 160mm rotors to be used, also.

This should complement the more classics-oriented CX-Zero disc brake road bike introduced last fall.


The bottom bracket section illustrates the changes made throughout the entire frame. All of the tube cross sections have been drastically increased. The center wall inside some of the C59’s tubes has been removed, which helps them streamline production and increases overall compliance. Not only do the larger tube diameters improve stiffness, but Colnago says they better dissipate shock to smooth the ride.


Another interesting aspect of the bike is the bottom bracket. Yes, it’s introducing another new design, but thankfully not another standard. The carbon shell remains thin and light since it doesn’t have to bear the burden of bearing stability. Instead, a threaded alloy insert twists in from either side and creates a metal structure within the frame to hold the bearings. It’s called ThreadFit 86.5 and allows for any PF86.5 bottom brackets. It’s not unlike the thread-together Praxis Works BB30, except that it’s part of the frame.


  1. Jacob on

    It looks really good and who can resist the heritage that comes with a Colnago. It’s interesting to see that they haven’t done any “aero” changes and as far as I have read on other websites it is also not very light compared to most other frames out there. I like the simplicity of the Classic.

  2. Matt on

    I am no bike builder, but I always thought lugs were very old technology and heavy. Can anyone comment on this. Is Colnago a decade behind in technology compared to the likes of Spec, Giant, etc…..?

  3. Large D on

    They use lugs for custom sizing, you won’t see Giant or Specialized doing that as they have to build molds for each size of frame.

  4. Large D on

    They use lugs for custom sizing, you won’t see Giant or Specialized doing that as they have to build molds for each size of frame.

  5. wheel-guy on

    Looks like great changes and nice to see a bit of weight drop. I love my CLX3 and would love to upgrade to this frame (with hydraulic discs) someday. Yes, Colnago frames/bikes cost a bit more than most, but they really do handle and feel amazing.

  6. Nick on

    Is it really Made In Italy ?

    My Colnago Ace has “progetato in italia” down both chain stays in bold red and green lettering. I was gutted to find a Made in Taiwan sticker lurking under the down tube near the bottom bracket.

    I still want a C60 in “Italia” though … it’s beautiful. Not such a fan of the matt black.

  7. john on

    Got my C60……after 2 binachi Oltre XR2’s cracked (same Place, 6 weeks apart)and a derosa cracked.
    Colnago all the way for quality, style and comfort….this is THE bike.
    If you want a super light bike, go elsewhere. If you want the best – C60 is untouchable.

  8. Clarence on

    “Progettato in Italia” means it was developed and/or designed in Italy, not actually built. Bianchi has this too. In fact, I can onlt recall Cipollini, Tommasini, Dario Pegoretti and some other brand that make their bikes 100% in Italy. The C60 it is conformed to be made 100% in Italy. Paradoxically, the V1-r that even has a Ferrari logo, is assembled in Taiwan.


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