Allen Sports XLZ2 two child stroller/trailer, angle

Allen Sports started out in 1965 when cyclist Richard Allen began building bicycle carrier and storage racks out of a garage in Massachusetts. True to the good ol’ American dream, the company quickly grew out of their small workshop and today produce a complete line of collapsible bikes, strollers and trailers.

Allen Sports recently announced a new foldable, aluminum framed bike trailer/stroller that will hit the market this December. Their new XLZ2 model accommodates two kids up to 50lbs each and features a rear cargo pocket, three-season zippered cover and reflective accents to keep you seen while you’re pounding the pavement- whether on two wheels or two feet. Take a ride past the break for more details…

Allen Sports XLZ2 child stroller/trailer, side

The XLZ2 is built on a lightweight aluminum frame that folds down for storage or transport. It rides on inflatable 20” rear wheels with push-button quick release mechanisms for easy removal. The trailer/stroller carries a 100lbs payload maximum for your kid(s) and/or cargo, and includes a foot-activated parking brake.

Allen Sports XLZ2 child stroller/trailer, double swivel wheel attachment Allen Sports XLZ2 child stroller/trailer, single swivel wheel attachment

The XLZ2 functions as either a bike trailer or swivel-wheel stroller. For towing the tots, Allen’s universal coupler attaches to ‘most bicycles’ using a simple bracket that fits inside your wheel nut or quick-release end cap.

To convert to stroller mode just add on the handlebar and your choice of either the single or double swivel wheel front attachment (both are included along with the bike trailer arm). No tools are required to assemble the XLZ2 or to install/remove the various attachments. Allen’s larger, fixed-position jogger front wheel is also shown on the XLZ2.

The XLZ2’s cabin features three large windows on the front and side panels so passengers can enjoy the views as you cruise. A zippered three-season rain and bug shield keeps kids or cargo safe and dry inside, and its roll-up front cover allows the breeze in on warm, dry days.

Allen Sports XLZ2 child stroller/trailer, interior Allen Sports XLZ2 child stroller/trailer, rear cargo pocket

The cabin also features a foot guard tube to protect passengers’ feet from bumps or road debris, and the seatbelts are padded for comfort. A large rear pocket is located under the handlebar, providing easy access storage for extra layers or mid-ride snacks.

Allen Sports XLZ2 child stroller/trailer, night shot

*Photos provided courtesy of Allen Sports

Allen says many parents tend to train with their kids in tow in the early morning or during the evening, so the XLZ2 features reflective piping accents to increase your visibility in low light situations. The trailer/stroller also comes with a safety flag and reflectors in the rear wheels.

The XLZ2 be available online as of mid-December. It comes in grey and green only, and MSRP is $399.99 USD.


  1. Ryan on

    I have yet to see anybody need a two seater, most have kids far enough apart in age that by the time one moves into a trailer, the other is moving out. What would be a massive “stand out” option would be a trailer than can accommodate and secure the base for auto baby seats. With infants, there is no way to transport them via bike.

  2. dontcoast on

    Ryan, I’m happy to say you are wrong…plenty of kids are a year apart, not to mention twins.

    My twins grew up traveling in a bike trailer until they were 5 1/2.

    A burley Bee/Honey bee is too narrow for two older kids, and a D’lite with flared sides is over $600 with stroller kit…Thule Chariots are even more.

    As far as infants…once they can sit with their head up with a helmet on, it’s fine (usually 6-11 months)

    This trailer has a lot potential at that pricepoint!

    PS: your idea of a single trailer with a carseat clip is excellent though…start a company!

  3. dontcoast on

    Also, Dear Allen Cycles:
    distribute through QBP or other easy way for IBD’s so we can rep your product…once it’s off amazon 😉

  4. downingK on

    @Ryan I am actually in the market for a double. I have a 2 year old with one on the way. You also have to consider that the child will have a friend with them and/or shopping trips. It sounds like you don’t have kids. Thats cool, enjoy it. I miss those days……


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