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Use Apple’s Find My… Bike with the New AirBell for AirTag

AirBell in the handPhoto c. AirBell
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What if there was a bike bell that could possibly help you get your stolen bike back? Even if you don’t use a bell on your bike, you might want to rethink that stance. Introducing the AirBell.

This unique bell discreetly and ingeniously hides an Apple AirTag inside utilizing the Apple Find My network to help you get your bike back.

AirBell and Airtag exploded view

The bell completely hides the fact that it carries an AirTag. It also does so without impeding the bell’s ability to be a bell. Even with the AirTag installed the bell still has a ring that measures 85db.

The AirBell’s 22mm bar mount is made of a rugged fiber-reinforced plastic that sports an aluminum bell housing. The installation tool also comes with the purchase of the bell, so you can quickly add the bell to any one of your bikes.

AirBell with Apple AirTag installed

From their website; “The Apple AirTag is the most popular tracker for bikes, eBikes, scooters, and e-scooters. Over 100,000 AirBells have been sold to date.” The site also claims that they are the “#1 bestselling bicycle accessory on Amazon“.

AirBell Retail & Feature Summary

Retail: $35 (on sale for $25 as of the writing of this article)

  • Compatible with Apple AirTags (not included)
  • Registered Design
  • Inconspicuous
  • Easy installation with an included tool (small flathead screwdriver) included
  • Loudness rated at 85db


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11 months ago

Super cool

11 months ago

Too bad most bike thieves strip the accessories before they head home. Try putting one under the top cap of the stem or something like that.

11 months ago

Those bells are terrible, you can’t even hear them.

11 months ago
Reply to  mud

Even if they just served as a hiding place: they’re literally 81¢ on AliEx including shipping (you can probably get them for <50¢ in bulk) and $35 *without* an AirTag is just … WTF, srsly?!

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