lance armstrong texas cup rocky hill roundup mountain bike race gary fisher 29er

Lance put in a winning performance at this past weekend’s Rocky Hill Roundup, the Texas Cup Series Finals, in Smithville.  Word is, Armstrong, along with Brian Fawley (Park Place Lexus) and Scott Henry (Trek/VW) kept a tight threesome at the front of the race, until the end when Lance pulled away in a fast open section for the win…by 48 seconds.  Check out the bike (click the image to enlarge.  Photo credit: Austincameraguy), it’s a Gary Fisher Superfly 29er, as best as I can tell, only without the wild graphics…anyone know different?

Lance heads to Team Astana training camp in the Canary Islands from Nov. 30 – Dec. 8.  Rough.

While we’re on it, check this link to find a Fisher / Trek demo near you…they’re still on the road, so get out there and try something new so you know what to put on your Christmas list.


  1. Joao on

    2009 will be the 2_ _9er year in Europe, now that Lance won in a 29er more people will believe in the benefits of these Bike.
    I bought one this week.
    Nice day to ride,

    From Portugal


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