Assos adds unique designs, tech to protect from road rash, cold winds & tired muscles

While some of these goods won’t start shipping until Spring 2019, others are coming sooner or shipping now and show off impressive tech to protect us on the road. Above and immediately below are the new arm and knee guards that incorporate a strong, abrasion- and tear-resistant material (like Dyneema) into the outward facing panels. So, should you go down, these should help minimize road rash on your arms and legs.

assos arm and leg warmers with dyneema fibers to protect against road rash

The protective panels still stretch, and they’re thin enough to fit under mountain knee guards if you want to add a little extra protection or more coverage for winter riding. This makes them the perfect match with their recently introduced Trail/XC kit. For roadies, they’re going to be shoulder season items for before and after the winter riding jackets come off.

assos neos mille gt winter cycling jacket with integrated neck gaiter and face mask

Speaking of which, the new Mille GT winter jackets come in several variations, ranging from light duty wind blocking up to full-bore winter protection. All use variations of their NEOS fabric, which maintains windproofness without giving up breathability, have reflective features, and three full size rear pockets.

assos neos mille gt winter cycling jacket with integrated neck gaiter and face mask

The midweight option (left) has a lighter weight soft interior lining and is aimed at mild winter riding. The top level version gets a bonded, multi-layer construction to block wind and rain and adds a special piece to protect your face and neck, too:

assos neos mille gt winter cycling jacket with integrated neck gaiter and face mask

A built-in neck gaiter is attached to the inside back of the collar, so it’s always there when you need it. Retail for the Assos Mille GT jacket range goes from $229 to $369 depending on model, all are available this fall.

2019 Assos S9 bibshorts

For warmer temps, their new S9 bibs use an extended strap system and box section rear panel to offer better support for the pad. Further down, it uses a large, single panel construction layout for most of the short that works with the rear part to brace the pad so it stays in place and support the leg muscles. There will be another version that adds more compressive material to the legs but loses the extended straps. Both versions get Assos’ top level chamois that’s light and breathable, but supportive. We’ve got a set of these in for review and will report back this fall…they won’t be on sale until January 2019, but you can check out more info on their S9 microsite.

If skinsuits are your thing, they’ve updated their SpeedFireChronoSuit with a third zipper to let you create an opening vent wherever you want. The idea is to let you control air flow without ruining the aerodynamics, but it should also make bathroom stops much easier, too.

2019 Assos womens cycling kit with long sleeve sun protection and sleeveless options

The women’s lineup adds sleeveless versions of their more popular jerseys, fresh graphics and colors, and a similarly updated skinsuit option. There’s also a lightweight summer long sleeve jersey for hot conditions where you want extra sun protection without overheating.

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3 years ago

This is exciting news.

It’s always confusing when people use seasons to give a date. Which part of the world is the writer in? Some of these items won’t start shipping until September 2019?