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Not All Heroes Wear Capes, Atlanta’s Magnet Man Eliminating Flats One Trailer-Load at at Time

Atlanta Magnet Man debris(Photos/Atlanta Magnet Man)
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Alex Benigno, also known as the Altlanta Magnet Man is an unsung hero in his local community of Atlanta, Georgia. Using his talent for good and a custom trailer, he pulls magnets around behind his bicycle, ridding his local bike lanes of an insane amount of metal scraps, nails, and screws. In turn, local cyclists are enjoying flat-free urban riding.

Atlanta Magnet Man so many hazards
(Photos/Atlanta Magnet Man)

The GoFundMe was started on February 6th, 2024. In almost two months Alex Benigno has raised $4,568 of his $3,500 goal. Donations for the worthy and heroic cause come from all over the country, not just the Atlanta area. People love a hero and a good cause – especially since a lot the debris being removed from the streets could cause a flat on any vehicle, not just bikes.

Alex’s Mission Statement

Atlanta Magnet Man rusty nail

From Alex’s Instagram:

Atlanta Magnet Man mission statement:
The source of nails and screws is not my enemy alone. The source is a fight that all of us must fight with voting and legislation. My fight is on the streets of our city. I accept that the nails and screws exist, and when the bureaucracy fails us, and breaks our spirits, we mistakenly believe that nothing else can be done to fight it.

This is wrong. We are better than this. We can lift these nails and screws from our streets and prevent them from taking that thing which we hold most dear, our time, our money, and our precious tires. Join me and we can fight this fight together. This should not be my fight alone, I believe that every city in America or the entire world can have magnet men and magnet women and or magnet persons to help fight this fight together, for all of humanity.”

Not Just Magnets

Atlanta Magnet Man the future
Alex is planning to purchase a prototype Bike Lane Sweeper with funds raised from the GoFundMe campagin. The sweeper will work on glass, gravel, and other debris that’s not magnetic.

In addition to using the magnets to rid the streets of ferrous metal, Alex is hoping to acquire a prototype Bike Lane Sweeper. The devices are exactly as they sound, with two versions – one that picks up debris and deposits it into bins that can be emptied eslewhere, and one that pushes debris to the side of the road.

How to Help Atlanta’s Magnet Man

Even if you don’t live and ride in the area of Atlanta, Georgia, you can pitch in and help Alex’s cause. It’s a worthy cause and one that we can all relate to and get behind. Check out his GoFundMe and see what his plans are to improve his efforts and take them to the next level. You can even Venmo him here if you’d rather do that.


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Deputy Dawg
Deputy Dawg
26 days ago

So cool. How about some details on the trailer! I mean, this is BikeRumor — we need weights!

22 days ago
Reply to  Deputy Dawg

Before or after use?

26 days ago

Kudos to Alex. As bike riders, we all know where the bulk of debris winds up, towards to gutter and bike lane.

26 days ago

The mission statement is both hilarious and inspiring, love it!

Rim Brake enjoyer
Rim Brake enjoyer
25 days ago

Awesome initiative and what a great guy. Imagine living in Atlanta LOL? Your home town is basically known for traffic and people cursing when they have to book a flight that connects through it.

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