Anna Schwinn

NAHBS 2018, Horse Cycles, Thomas Callahan

Road to NAHBS 2018: 10 Q’s with Thomas Callahan of Horse Brand Co.

Thomas Callahan has evolved well-beyond his roots building street and city bikes ten years ago. His company, Horse Brand Co. in Brooklyn, offers a...
NAHBS 2018, Matt Appleman, Appleman Cycles

Road to NAHBS 2018: 10 Q’s with Matt Appleman of Appleman Bicycles

With the North American Handmade Bike Show right around the corner, the International Handmade Bicycle News Team is hard at work to bring...

Holiday Gift Ideas for Cyclists – Anna’s picks for 2017

Editor’s Note: Every year, we compile our favorite items from the prior 12 months of riding and Reporting. Some we’ve actually used, others –...

Interview with Interbike show favorite, Favorit

In the early 2000's, the prize of Czech cycling manufacturing and sport was in decline. Favorit, the brand that had grown to fame for...
Philadelphia Bike Expo 2017 Winter Cycles Eric Estlund

PBE17: Winter Cycles’ stunning “Livreur” French porteur

While digging into the bikes at the Winter Cycles booth at Philadelphia Bike Expo this year, the words “brutal intentionality” kept coming to mind....
Philadelphia bike expo 2017 ground up speed shop Eric Baar

PBE17: Eric Baar’s Ground Up Speed Shop titanium BMX masterpiece

There is something completely romantic and thrilling about what Eric Baar does. His constant push for new mediums to master coupled with the way...
Philadelphia Bike Expo 2017 Sterling Stephen Bilenky

PBE17: Stephen Bilenky’s Sterling Custom Deluxe super tandem

Bilenky was not always "Bilenky"- which is why the standout bike of his booth this year did not feature his name. The twenty-five year old...
Philadelphia Bike Expo 2017 Engin Cycles Drew Guldalian

PBE17: Engin Cycles flexes new process chops with proprietary Ti frame goodies

Drew Guldalian, the builder at Engin Cycles, has been very busy. A few years ago, in addition to his extremely well-tooled shop of manual...
Philadelphia Bike Expo 2017 Chris Bishop Bishop Cycles

PBE17: Bishop Bikes wins Philly’s People’s Choice with out of this world roadie

It was not a surprise to anyone to hear that Chris Bishop would take home the People’s Choice Award for the 2017 Philadelphia Bike...



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