Jessie-May Morgan

nukeproof horizon bolt mounted accessories frame strap

Nukeproof Bolted Accessory Strap secures spares to your top tube for packless riding

Nukeproof have released a bolted frame strap for securing spares to the top tube of the Mega and Giga enduro bikes. Actually, it can...
pole stamina 180 remastered gold

Pole Bicycles resolve to do better, dropping stronger Remastered Stamina in True Gold

Pole Bicycles have sent out a rather unusual press release, admitting to the brand's past failings. Holding their hands up to mistakes made in...
boone cranx! alloy cranks 175mm arms spider

Boone Cranx! Machined Aluminium Cranks boast aerodynamic drag reduction

Around 25 years ago Boone Technologies halted production of bike parts, turning their attention to the manufacture of Titanium wedding rings. Ever since, they...
kom full motion rocker plate rpv1 indoor training platform weighted balance with wahoo kickr

Review: KOM Full Motion Rocker Plate RPV2 rocks side-to-side and front-to-back

KOM Cycling are setting a new benchmark in indoor cycling with the all-new Full Motion Rocker Plate RPV2. Not only does it rock from...
katy winton pro bike check nukeproof giga mullet

Pro Bike Check: Katy Winton’s Nukeproof Giga Mullet Setup with Moxie XI Racing

Following Katy Winton's announcement that she'd parted ways with Trek Factory Racing Enduro at the end of 2020, fans were left scratching their heads...
2022 fox float x factory air shock

The FOX FLOAT X Air Shock and DHX Coil Shock are all-new for 2022

FOX have introduced two entirely new shocks for 2022. The first is the FOX FLOAT X Air Shock, said to deliver heavyweight features in...
eliot jackson fox 34 step cast cornering hard

2022 FOX 34 fork family go smoother, shed grams w/ Step Cast design for...

FOX have updated their family of 34mm stanchion trail forks with a lighter, stiffer chassis, smoother internals, and they are more tuneable than ever....
x-games real mtb 2021 danny macaksill

Must Watch: 2021 X-Games Real MTB Edits from all athletes inc. Danny & Vero

X-Games have added MTB to their Real Series for 2021, with some of the World's most inspiring mountain bike athletes going head to head...
slicy smooth 2.0 tire insert anti-pinch flat shock absorption

The Slicy Smooth 2.0 anti-pinch flat tire insert cuts out new shock absorbing shape

Slicy Products have released the Smooth 2.0 anti-pinch flat tire insert with a honeycomb design said to offer improved shock absorption properties. Not only...



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