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Beware scam site CaneCreekStore dot com discounting WTC, Whiskey & Cane Creek gear

Cane Creek warns of Scam Sites & Counterfeits
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Don’t buy anything from scam site CaneCreekStore dot com, and beware of counterfeit products on other untrusted sites like AliExpress. It’s all too easy to fall victim to a deal that seems almost too good to be true. I mean, who wouldn’t love to snag a new Cane Creek Helm all-mountain for under $90, or those shiny Miami Vice edition eeBrakes for under $100?

Alas… too good to be true.

Cane Creek warns of Scam Sites & Counterfeits

Cane Creek warns of Scam Sites & Counterfeits, fraud

In the last week or so, Cane Creek has seen a big uptick in fraudulent scam sites and counterfeit products being listed for sale online. The draw has been possibly huge discounts of 50-90% off retail prices for their premium gear.

But none of these deals will actually get you any real Cane Creek, Wolf Tooth, or Whiskey components. And quite likely, sending them your money will get you nothing at all, except a lighter bank account.

Cane Creek El TD eeBrakes_rainbow limited edition lightweight tie die rim brakes

In Cane Creek’s own words:

Cane Creek is warning customers of fraudulent scam sites and counterfeit products. In the past week, Cane Creek has become aware of not one, but two scams trying to sell products at a deeply discounted rate or products that are counterfeited and fake. Cane Creek is a small employee-owned company that has operated in Western North Carolina since 1974 and they are taking these scams very seriously.

“As a small employee-owned company, counterfeit products and scam sites hurt the integrity of our products and the pockets of all of our employees. We are taking this investigation very seriously and want to warn customers of potential scams and dangerous counterfeit products”-Brent Graves, President and CEO of Cane Creek Cycling Components

The website, www.canecreekstore.com, lists some of Cane Creek’s flagship products for 50-90% off retail price. HELMs, Thudbusters, eeWings, and headsets can all be seen on the site utilizing Cane Creek’s stock photos.

In the same week, Cane Creek was made aware of counterfeit El TD Limited Edition eeBrakes and standard black eeBrakes through AliExpress.com. Riders are taking risks by ordering through AliExpress.com as Cane Creek’s patented design is hand-assembled, inspected, and verified in North Carolina, USA. Cane Creek’s premium rim brake design exceeds rigorous ISO 4210-r test requirements and cannot verify the safety of counterfeit brakes.

Cane Creek wants to make sure customers know there is no affiliation with www.canecreekstore.com or AliExpress.com and recognizes they are not authorized resellers. Cane Creek does not recommend anyone attempt to purchase anything from those websites.

Cane Creek’s true official website is: CaneCreek.com, and their official support site is: CaneCreekHelp.FreshDesk.com.

cane creek helm mkII 10 HIGH SPEED COMPRESSION ADJSUTMENT 17 lsc adjust

You can buy real Cane Creek components direct from them, or from their authorized dealers. Just don’t expect to see any 90% off discounts.



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2 years ago

Without having to get screwed it would be fun to see what these actually look like or if they would ever be delivered.

2 years ago

So, what you’re saying is… I can get a set of ee’s without having to spend money on all that silly testing nonsense? Awesome.

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