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Bicycle Holiday Wish List, by Zach

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It’s that time of year again, no, I’m not talking about the fact that it’s time to get out the trainer (which I try to ignore, really). No, it’s time to be making your holiday wish list for your loved ones. Most likely, you have been far too busy finishing your shopping for(I’m almost done, I promise!) or crafting gifts for your family, so you haven’t had too much time to think for yourself.

2010 has been host to a lot of cool bikes, bike parts, accessories, and clothing which makes it difficult to sit down and make a list of some of my most desired items, but here it goes…..

Complete Holiday Wish List after the break!

Wishlist Tool: For me, this is a toss up between the Park BO-5 Bottle Opener, and the new Pro Avid Bleed Kit.

The Park BO-5 will keep you from chasing bottle caps all over your work shop, while the Avid Pro Bleed kit will keep you from chasing bubbles all day in your brakes. While the Park Tool wins in overall giftability, the fact that it isn’t available for the holidays, gives the edge to the bleed kit. The Pro Bleed Kit is truly a shop quality kit, and if you or your spouse enjoys bleeding brakes, you can’t go wrong for $65.

Wishlist Clothing/Gear: Demon Dirt Black Plague Denim Jeans

This one is pretty easy, as I have a lot of riding gear, yet still wear just regular jeans for street and park riding. Which I would love to change with the Demon Dirt Black Plague riding jean.

Much more than some fashionable denim, the Black Plague features integrated, removable shin protection and extra gusseting in high stress areas. Add in a good bit of stretch to the fabric itself, and  you have the perfect piece of riding gear to keep your legs from being made in to hamburger. Coming in at $69.99, they’re also a pretty good value.

Wishlist Component: Easton Haven Carbon Wheels

When it comes to components, I’d have to choose the new Easton Carbon Havens, after all this is a wish list right? I’m currently rolling on the aluminum Havens, which I love, but I also wouldn’t mind dropping 200 grams and still retaining a UST rim! Weighing a feathery light 1450 grams for a full UST wheel with a 21mm internal width, they retain all the hub options of the original Havens, and even add a few. The wish part comes in due to the fact that these wheels retail for $2300, which is more than a lot of bikes. However, it’s easy to imagine the amount of engineering involved in order for a carbon wheel to stand up to the rigors of all mountain riding.

Wishlist Training Aid: Lemond Revolution Trainer

Remember that bit about the fact that I try to hide from my trainer in the winter? That wouldn’t be the case if I had a Lemond Revolution trainer. You may have heard by now that, yes, it’s loud. Very loud in fact, but it never takes away from how good this thing rides. Best ride quality of a trainer, period. Plus, I like the fact that I could mount my road bike, cross bike, and even mountain bikes without changing wheels or even cassettes (now that my mountain bikes are 10 speed).

Wishlist Mountain Bike: Cannondale Jekyll 0 Ultimate

Like most riders, more travel usually equates to more fun, unless it’s at the wrong time. These new bikes that have the ability to change travel and geometry based on conditions are extremely intriguing, and really make me question whether you really can have one bike to do it all. With the Jekyll 0 Ultimate, weight definitely won’t be your excuse as it only weighs 25.4 lbs for a 160mm travel bike!

Yes, I realize that many people feel they simply took the idea from Scott, and it’s coincidental that Tyler chose the Scott for his Wish mountain bike. However, that should show you that they are on to something, both with the pull shock, and the adjustable travel. I feel that I would like the Jekyll more, due to the fact that I feel 160mm would be more than enough travel for this type of bike.

Wishlist Road/Cyclocross Bike: Trek Madone 6.9 SSL

This past season, I had the chance to ride a 2010 Trek Madone 6.9 for an extended period of time. Every time I swung my leg over the top tube, the Madone offered a sense of exhilaration and speed I hadn’t yet found in a road bike, which kept me coming back for more. If I had a road bike wish granted, it would most likely be the new Madone 6.9 SSL which is 100 grams lighter than it’s predecessor, and includes the use of new OCLV Hex SL carbon. Even better would be the ability to customize said bike, with Trek’s online custom bike builder, Project One.

That’s it for me, what bicycle related things are you hoping for this holiday season?

Happy Holidays!

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13 years ago

“Lighter than it’s predecessor”? You mean its, not it’s. It still amazes me how many “educated” journalists don’t know when to use its or it’s.

13 years ago

Yeah sorry, I didn’t know that “educated” people are incapable of mistakes. Thanks for the constructive criticism.

13 years ago

Haha what an asshole! (should there be a space in between “ha” and “ha?” somebody MLA this shit!)

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