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Bike Glow Luminescent “String” Light Wraps Around Your Bicycle, You or Anything Else

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Seems 360º safety illumination is all the rage this winter commuting season. First we had Light & Motion’s new ones (and here, too), then this one from PrincetonTec and now Bike Glow has this illuminated, waterproof light string that can wrap all around your bike for visibility from any angle: front, back, right, left and even above and below, should that be of concern. Actually, this has been out for a bit, but now it’s waterproof!

Press release with specs and pricing after the break…

PRESS RELEASE: Whether you are fitting in an early morning workout before work, trying to go green by leaving your car at home, or taking the kids for a ride in the chariot before bed, visibility on a bicycle during low light hours of the day is a serious safety concern. According to Bicyclesafe.com, high visibility from the side is critical for safe cycling in low-light conditions because the most common vehicle-to-bicycle collision scenario is a car hitting a cyclist from the right or left side perpendicular to the bicycle.

Bike Glow Safety Light is a new product that helps make cyclists more visible to vehicles in low light and even complete darkness. Bike Glow is a completely waterproof, battery operated, light system that is wrapped around the frame of a bicycle. Unlike pedal reflectors that can only be seen when a car is directly behind or traveling directly toward a bicycle rider, the Bike Glow illuminates a bike so brightly it can be seen from any direction at greater distances.

“Cyclists have been in need of a product that makes them visible from the side for years,” said Bike Glow CEO Chris Cobb. “Our Bike Glow safety light provides riders with a lightweight and inexpensive solution. Cyclists who use Bike Glow can ride without fearing they will be struck by a vehicle on early morning or late evening rides.”

Bike Glow Safety Light is a ten-foot flexible light tube that uses electroluminescent technology and bright colors for increased visibility from the side. The flexible tube provides multiple points of visibility for cyclists from all angles, and the new waterproof unit can be used in any weather condition.

Bike Glow is easily installed on a bicycle by wrapping the light around the frame and securing it in place with the accompanying attachment ties. The battery unit is attached with a secure Velcro strap either under the seat, on the side of the frame or even the handlebars depending on user preference. The lights can be set for constant illumination, slow flashing or fast flashing modes depending on user preference.

Perfect for riders of all ages, Bike Glow can be wrapped in tight coils to fit a child’s bike, woven around the frame of a chariot to keep children safe when being pulled by their parent or stretched loosely to cover the frame of a larger adult bike.

Bike Glow is powered by 2-AA batteries in the power unit, and one set of batteries provides Bike Glow Safety Light users with 120 hours of protection when set to a flashing mode and 50 hours when set for constant illumination. The entire system adds a mere two ounces of weight to a bicycle.

Bike Glow retails for $24.95 and comes in a variety of colors. It can be purchased at www.bikeglow.com , REI stores and at specialty bicycle retailers across the country.

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David Schmidt
David Schmidt
13 years ago

I have 2 of the non-waterproof BikeGlow’s I use on my commuter and cruiser, and they are crazy good. I swear the feeling you have when they are on is that you are seen by everyone, period. And they look awesome enough to have people comment on almost every ride. I’ve just ordered two of the new waterproof, as the battery pack was really the only thing that needed improving. I’m glad to see they did. I highly recommend these. Super fun.

13 years ago

Hi guys,

if some of you want to have a quick review of an aqua-colored Bike Glow:

After a ride, I just find it a little bit too sensitive to bumps (it goes of when there’s a big bump), but it looks awesome !

8 years ago

Hey! Some of you may have noticed that BikeGlow.com disappeared for a little while. I just want to let you know that BikeGlow is back!

Please check us out at http://www.bikeglow.com


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