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We saw this floating around at Outdoor Demo back at Interbike, and it seems to be making its way to production.

Bike-Organizer by ZicTech is a stand that holds the bike vertically for space conservation and features two large storage compartments in the bottom. It’ll fit any tire up to 2.5″ wide, in all wheel sizes. A strap comes off the back to attach to the saddle rails to hold the bike upright. The design is free standing, so there’s no bolting down to the floor. For security though, they offer a bolt option. With this option a chain lock can pass through the stand to secure the frame. An additional aftermarket hangar add-on is available designed to hold helmets and rain covers.

Images after the break…

Zictech bike organizer chain lock

Zictech bike organizer linked stands

Stands can be linked if you’re dealing with multiple bikes. Outer shell is plastic and they’re set to release in 4 colors – orange/black, sky blue/grey, grey/lime green, and black/grey. No pricing as of now and we’ll keep you updated as we hear more.


  1. WaynesRCworld on

    I could see this for stacking bikes in a very secure area because chains are not the best option. Maybe in your garage. I wouldn’t use it in a public area. U Lock to a pole would be more secure.

  2. Joshua Murdock on

    * Extra helper and photoshop use required to keep front wheel straight.

    ** Helper and photoshop sold separately.

    Honestly, though, this overview must just be missing something… I can’t imagine they’d overlook one of the two wheels on the bike. The whole idea is pretty cool.

  3. a on

    So if you bump into the front wheel does anything stop the bike falling over onto the seat/bars as it pivots around the rear wheel hub?

  4. Sevo on

    Minoura has had a similar, less expensive,and more space conscious version for years.

    Available through your local bike shop via it’s major distributors 🙂

  5. Phill on

    The fact that the front wheel/bars can flop left or right make this pretty useless and more of a hazard than anything. As per Joshua’s comment, there some special balancing act going on right now or they’ve photoshopped out the hand that’s holding the front wheel straight.

  6. Matt on

    I snagged a prototype of this product right after interbike. I had issues with the front wheel and handlebar suddenly and violently swinging into the top tube of the bike. The remedy for this was simple. I had my LBS remove the headset bearings from my bikes. Since I am obviously a huge bike poser more concerned with how my bike looks when I am not riding it than being able to steer, this is a great solution. Now my bike looks awesome all the time.

  7. FM on

    Well I guess you could use a pedal strap around the front wheel and the down tube. That’s what we do in the shop to keep bikes we hang on the wall straight. Only takes a second to put on or take off if the bike is on the ground.

  8. Scott on

    You could just lean your bike against the wall. This takes up more space and is ugly. LOL at lock bracket, I bet I can rip that out bare handed.

  9. bin judgin on

    Or buy some 2x4s and nail them together and put some self tapping hooks into them. Christ, people need to pay for everything don’t they?


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