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Weekend Roundup: New goods from Giant, RovR, BiKase & more; plus buy pros’ gear on Red Truck

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The new TrailKASE from BiKASE is their universal fix to mounting phones when running, riding or driving. It’ll fit any phone with or without a case including plus-size devices. The bike mount works with bar sizes from 24 – 32mm using inserts, and it’ll hold devices in both landscape and portrait positions.

best way to mount your smartphone on your handlebar is with a universal mount like the BiKase TrailKase

The $30 dollar accessory grips the phone by wrapping a strong but stretchy rubber holster around each corner. It blocks little to no screen, which is a bonus for newer phones that stretch the image all the way to the edge.

Giant lets you ride (or look) like the Sunweb team

2018 Giant TCR Advanced Team issue limited edition aero road bike
photo c. Giant

Giant just released a limited time production run of their TCR Advanced road bike with the Pro Team paint scheme. The $3,400 bike has a carbon frame and wheels, Gaint’s AC Tubeless tire system, and mechanical Shimano Ultegra drivetrain.

Buy a pro’s used bikes, parts to support charity

Red Truck
photo c. Red Truck

Recently breaking into the industry, Red Truck is connects riders with the pros to help support charities. When team or athletes are finished using a bike or component they’re now able to sell them on Red Truck, where you can snap them up. You’re able to see who is selling the item and read about its history and the previous owner’s story. Part of the proceeds will go towards their charity of choice which includes the Michael J. Fox Foundation, Challenged Athletes Foundation, Bikes for Kids, and many more. They also have a number of brand ambassadors including professional rider Lily Williams, Amber Pierce, Mike Olheiser, Inga Thompson and more.

RovR Coolers goes for a ride

RovR bike cooler RollR 60

RovR RollR 60
photo c. RovR

RovR is making it easier to chill drink and such on the go with their bike-friendly cooler. The RollR 60 tows along behind the bike and attaches to the rear axle and rolls on 8″ trail ready wheels. It’s bear proof to keep Yogi out and has a retractable handle for easy walking. It also has internal dry compartments to separate drinks from food, cup holders, cutting board and collapsible topper box.

Body Glide saves da boodies

Body Glide Cycle
photo c. Body Glide

New from Body Glide is their Cycle anti-saddle sore balm. A deodorant stick like applicator rubs on its vegan based Provitamin B5 compound, which is also allergen free and sweat resistant. The $10 solution goes on dry and protects your skin from saddle sores without a greasy feel. It’s available in a 1.5oz stick and ships for free within the U.S.

Effetto Mariposa packs & protects with Smartasca drybag

Effetto Mariposa dry bag
photo c. Effetto Mariposa

Keeping a device or personal items dry and sweat-free can take a little finesse. But if you’re looking for a reusable alternative Effetto Mariposa may have the solution. Their new Smartasca is designed to be used time-and-time again while holding up to any normal conditions. It’s sealed with 2 ziplocks and its clear build allows for  The $9 small is big enough to hold a phone, spare cash and an ID. The $12 large will hold a cased phone, money, ID and key.

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Skuffed Up Huffy
Skuffed Up Huffy
6 years ago

I have been using Body Glide Chamois sticks for many years, curious what is new because those look like the ones I bought two years ago?

Good stuff though! Highly recommend it easy to use and no mess! Also no saddle sores or chafing!

6 years ago

Wow. And the Effetto Mariposa Smartasciwhatsit is superior to a quart-size ziploc freezer bag ($0.06 generic/open mold; $0.09 for the genuine Ziploc (TM) article with extra R&D; free if you live with your parents) because ____________?
Please don’t say reusabity or concern for the environment, because A. freezer bags don’t crack or rip in freezers, let alone soft warm jersey pockets. I only ever drain the kids’ college fund of another $0.06 to replace mine when it gets too sticky from the adjacent empty clif bar wrappers — a design challenge inherent to the product segment that it is not clear this new product has solved at, let’s see, ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY TIMES the cost. And B, the very few of your readers who can’t pull the freezer bag out of the box we already have in our kitchen drawer can ask their friend to do so from their kitchen drawer for minimal carbon outlay (one additional exhale, at most). Versus making, packing, and burning fuel to ship these things, wrapped (looking at you Chain Reaction) in *more*plastic to whatever, um, enthusiast would actually pay $9 for it — the mind reels and the oceans weep. You guys had all best plant an extra tree this Earth Day as penance for foisting this nonsense on us. And implement a Laugh Test bin near the mailroom.

Crash Bandicoot
Crash Bandicoot
6 years ago
Reply to  Lanternerouge

Agreed also wasn’t USA Cycling giving these things away for free with a license, Assos used to give them away free with bibs (albeit those were sized for a Motorola Star Tac), and What modern smartphone isn’t waterproof?

6 years ago

The Giant seems like a hell of a lot of bike for $3400.

6 years ago

I want that paint on the Mechanical Ultegra level Propel!!!!!!

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