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BikeRumor Best Of Show Awards: Difficult Decisions at MADE Show

Made Best of Show Frances Cycles hero 1
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The beautiful frames and bike components that were on display at MADE Show are functional art, but art nonetheless. Many would point out that there is no “best” art, as art is subjective.

I can, however, offer my opinion on our favorite versions of this art. It’s a pretty extensive list, and won’t include everyone. But, I will give you this disclaimer, literally all of the bikes and bike stuff on display at this show were really amazing.

The craftsmanship and attention to detail were off the charts. So, let me say thank you to all involved for sharing your skills with us, it was truly inspirational.

This list was selected by me, as the bikes and components that I liked a lot and wanted to highlight.

Ok, on with the “Best” of Show…

Little Wheel Bike: Velo Orange Neutrino Mini Velo

Whether you’re a frequent traveler, apartment dweller, multi-modal commuter, or just enjoy a fun N+1 bike, the Neutrino will fit perfectly into your heart

Made Best of Show Velo Orange Neutrino hero 1
Photos c. R.Frazelle

The Velo Orange Mini Velo gets the Best of Show badge for the coolest mini velo at the show. Super versatile and sporting their new, uber-functional Utility Riser Bar, the Neutrino is ready for a fun ride.

MTB: Albatross Apogee

“Our Apogee module takes all of the complex, hard-to-make parts of a frame and brings them all into a single precision-machined assembly”.

Made Best of Show Albatross Apogee Hero 1

The Apogee gets the Best of Show for Albatross Bikes‘ ingenuity and their ability to think differently. The modularity of the Apogee Module is the story here. Check out the details in our coverage from a few days ago.

Most Unique: Wolfhound Cycles

Custom steel bicycles, brazed with love since 2001″

Made Best of Show Wolfhound hero 1

This Wolfhound Cycles was an amazing example of the delicate art of fillet brazing. The brazing and the attention to detail, along with the sheer uniqueness of this particular bicycle, is why it gets the “best” badge today.

Fendered Bike: Donkelope

Donkelope bikes are custom steel frames made by Greg Heath in Bellingham, Washington. Forks, stems and racks are built by hand to suit your riding style”.

Made Best of Show Donkelope hero 1

This beautifully crafted, Donkelope all-road bike gets the “best” badge for its subtle finish and impeccable, deep sparkle colorway, that my photos do no justice. It sports a spot-on fender line, dynamo power, and is logically spec’d. Looks like a great “go anywhere, do anything” kind of bicycle.

Gravel Bike: BTCHN’ Bikes

I’m a racer by nature, a wrench by trade, and a machinist/fabricator by necessity. I’ve spent my life making parts from scratch that are lighter and perform better than what can be found. I’m constantly redesigning and refining my processes, always looking for that extra competitive edge.”

Made Best of Show BTCHN Bikes hero 1

This example of what Tyler of BTCHN’ Bikes can create is why it gets my pick of “best”. This is a real testament to the work that Tyler can do. It is aesthetically pleasing, unique, and well thought out with some really clever details.

Bikepacking/Basket Bike: Bantom Bicycle Works/Lords Luggage

I have had plenty of experience working on cross bikes, cargo bikes, MTBs, track, etc…Whatever type of bike you may be interested in, I would be happy to talk to you about it.”

Made Best of Show Bantam Bicycles hero 1

I’m guessing you guys know why picked the Bantam Bicycles Travelall bike as my choice for the “best” bikepacking/basket bike. It’s a quality build, it’s aesthetically pleasing, the bikepacking-specific geo looks fun, and it looks comfortable. And I would be remiss if I didn’t bring up the quality of the waxed canvas bags that Andy from Lords Luggage produces. Plus, the bags seem like an integral of this build.

Clever Cargo: Frances Cycles

Small-time bicycle design and manufacture… road, cross, cargo, randonneur, brevet, tour, adventure, and everyday bikes. Design fabrication, and assembly of fully integrated bicycles with an emphasis on fit, performance, utility, and beauty.”

Made Best of Show Frances Cycles hero 1

I picked the Frances Cycles Platypus pulling their Farfarer One-wheeled Trailer as the “best” for obvious reasons. The bike looks ultra useful as a cargo bike with that beefy front rack setup. Josh calls it a mid-gravity design. I actually rode this bike around after shooting it, and it rides like it looks… super fun.

Jewel-Like Quality: Tomii Cycles

A sculpture can be appreciated both aesthetically and functionally, just as a bicycle can be. Bicycles that I can build as beautiful as a sculpture for my customers, is always my number one goal.”

Made Best of Show Tomii Cycles hand hammered bells 1

The Tomii Cycles booth at the MADE Show was always deep with onlookers. They were displaying some of the most intricate, handmade, custom bicycle accessories I have seen in some time. The hand-hammered bells were enough for me to award the “best” badge for that kind of craftsmanship. Throw in the jewelry like stem caps and headset spacers and this award was a no-brainer.

That’s it, hope you enjoyed it! Stay right here for more MADE Show coverage.


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7 months ago

This page is full of Awesomeness!

Ashok Captain
Ashok Captain
7 months ago

Thank you for covering this show, the masters and their craft in detail. Love that you have taken the effort to highlight each build and builder. Chapeau to all those who participate and keep this art form of bicycle design alive. Thank you folks!

Blacksmith Cycle
7 months ago

Great coverage, Ron!! But what about the fast carbon bikes??? Argonaut, Pursuit, July, and Bridge (I’m biased) all looking mighty fine and I’m sure I missed a few.

Dirt McGirt
Dirt McGirt
7 months ago

I bet you can find plenty of plastic pizza cutter bs over at velo snooze.

7 months ago

Yeah. There were loads of makers at this show. Surprising lack of coverage here.

Zach Overholt
7 months ago
Reply to  SomeGuy

We have plenty more coverage in the works, and the Bridge updates were posted just after this one.

7 months ago

Anyone knows what model of dynamo is on that Donkelope?

7 months ago
Reply to  Frank

Looks like a Shimano Metrea

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