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Bikerumor Media Cup – The Breck Epic Challenge

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A while back, Mike McCormack and I were talking. Since I’m signed up to race in this year’s Breck Epic, I figured it’d be fun to create a little race-within-a-race for us media folk. Seems people liked the idea, and the Bikerumor Media Cup came to life.  From there, it took me way to long to create this logo and start getting the word out, but I’m happy to report that the following journalists and bloggers are in:

  • Brian Riepe, editor at Mountain Flyer Magazine
  • Peter Keiller, evil blogger from Misfit Psycles who mostly just posts pictures
  • Brandon Dwight, the dude behind DopersSuck.com and freelance writer
  • Rich Dillen, aka Dicky, writer of snarky witticisms and general mocking of everyone faster than him
  • Jasen Thorpe, former editor of Mountain Bike Magazine, currently publicly relationing for others
  • Tyler Benedict, aka Me, Bikerumor editor

I’ve also invited Zack Vestal from Velonews, but haven’t heard back from him. Which perhaps is fine because I hear he’s wicked fast. I suspect Competitor Publishing’s firewalls block any email from us. Mike Ferrentino, the man at Santa Cruz Bicycles that writes the 104Bronson blog declined to participate despite everyone saying how much they enjoy his mid-race mood swings (I’m just repeating what I hear, Mike…and I have the emails to prove it.). Lastly, John Bradley, freelancer for Outside, was going to do it, but he’s pulled out of the race so he can be flown to Eurobike on their dime…a trip I’m desperately saving my pennies to make.

What’s the point? Well, bragging rights and smack talking mostly. And the winner will get a sweet trophy cup that’ll mostly resemble the one depicted above. And no, “chump” is not accidental. They might even get some free beer to fill it.

Between now and the time we tow the 10,000 foot high line, we’ll provide a little bio on each person, Mad Libs style, and see what they’ll be racing come August.

If you’re in the media or have a blog that’s popular (using Dicky’s as a reference), and you’re racing the Breck this year, contact me if you want in. Your request will be put to a secret vote…unless your a female, then you’re pretty much in.

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