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Bikerumor Review: Geared Up! Adult Cycling DVD

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geared up bicycle safety dvd for adult children and new cyclists

Geared Up! is a cycling safety video produced by the A’Hern Group.  Aimed at adults that are just getting into (or back into) cycling, it runs through the basics of safety, riding technique, how to deal with traffic and recommended gear.

As an avid cyclist, I didn’t think it would have much to offer, but it surprised me with a few interesting tidbits and it didn’t suffer from the “cheesiness” that so many educational videos often do.  Sweetie, who is just sorta getting back into riding a bike, said she found it interesting, worthwhile and she learned a little about how to ride with/in traffic.  Considering she’ll readily admit she would have rather been watching Project Runway, that’s about as good a compliment as you could ask for.

There are some specific groups that I think could really benefit from this DVD, which I’ll cover after the break, but I think the “Essentials of Adult Bicycling” subtitle is almost a discredit to a group that could really use this: Children.  If you have kids at that age when they want to start riding on their own beyond your line of sight, this may be something you want to sit down and watch with them.

Hit ‘more’ for additional thoughts and a 5 minute preview video

There’s not a whole lot more to say about the content other than it’s well presented, comprehensive and entertaining enough.  What’s more important to mention are some groups that could potentially use this:

  • BIKE SHOPS: Have an open house night for new riders where the staff can preview the video, then answer questions and introduce customers to the right commuter or hybrid bikes.
  • ADVOCACY GROUPS: Use it to educate government workers and the public alike.
  • EDUCATIONAL SYSTEMS: There’s no reason why this can’t be shown at middle schools, and while a slightly modified version from the drivers’ perspective may work better, showing this in Driver’s Ed schools and classes will help implant the idea that young drivers need to be aware of and respect cyclists.

The video is only 20 minutes in length, so it’s easy to watch and presents the information clearly and concisely.  If you have a sibling or parent or child that’s getting into cycling, it’s worth checking out.  They have a pretty good little set of relevant links on their website, too.


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14 years ago

I think it should be shown in all Driver’s Ed classes, with a lesson on the state’s specific laws on sharing the road. It would be a smoother ride if drivers and cyclists were clear on the laws.

14 years ago

When I saw “adult DVD” in the subject, I thought this story would be about something else.

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