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Bikerumor Summer Contest Series – Part 1

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Alright folks…we’ve been teasing you all month about a bunch of free stuff we have to give away, and here it goes.  Each day for at least the next NINE DAYS we’ll have a little contest where you answer some questions (correctly) and we give you nice cycling things.  Well, we give them to you if you’re the first to answer all questions correctly.

Here’s how to play.  Each contest will have a few questions about some of our posts and/or the products or companies that have donated the prizes.  You find the answers, put them in a comment on that day’s contest post and the first commenter to get all the answers correct wins.  Simple, right?  Oh, keep in mind that the contests will be posted at random times each day…not always late at night like this one.  Just a thought, but you may want to follow us on Twitter so you know when each day’s contest goes live.

Hit ‘more’ to see today’s questions and prize…


  • Free 3 MONTH membership in the Kinetic Koffee Klub (2 bags/month…your choice!)
  • One Helmet Lock (keep your lid from getting stolen!)


One entry per person…get your answers right the first time.  First commenter with all answers correct wins.  You must use a valid email address to comment…that’s how we’ll contact you if you win.


1) I’m half way through putting together a post at 10:30pm (I started it around 8:30pm!!) of Norco’s 2010 mountain bikes.  I’m debating if I should drink some coffee and finish it tonight (not likely), or just go to sleep.  If I did brew some coffee, I would want to drink something good…I reviewed two of the four Kinetic Koffees shown above…which two and which was my favorite?


2) The Helmet Lock is made out of what? (be specific!)

3) Where is Kinetic Koffee’s headquarters?

4) What does it normally cost (per month) the losers who don’t win this to join the Kinetic Koffee Klub?

Ready…set…go!  Leave your answers as a comment on this post.

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14 years ago

1. Espresso Kinetico followed by Morning Mayhem. Espresso Kinetico was your favorite.
2. TheHelmetLockâ„¢ is made from the same vinyl coated aircraft wire rope cable popular in security devices, and the metal stopper is zinc-plated steel. This is one strong device!
3. Arcata, California, in Humboldt County
More specifically: Kinetic Koffee Company
550 South G Street, Suite 19
Arcata, CA 95521
4. $19.98 (plus shipping)

14 years ago

1) Espresso Kinetico & Morning Mayhem

2) Vinyl coated aircraft wire rope cable with a metal zinc-plated steel stopper

3) Arcata, California

4) $19.98 Plus shipping

I guess I need to follow this on twitter.

14 years ago

Kinetic Koffee ROCKS!!!!

14 years ago

what cheeken said.

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