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Bikerumor Weekly Workout Fun – Selene ‘Fit Chick’ Yeager’s Favorite Top End Booster

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mountain bike cycling workout from the fit chick selene yeager

Yeah, she’s under contract with Rodale, but whatever. We got a workout from Fit Chick (AKA Selene Yeager) to kick off our new weekly series. Each Friday we’ll feature a workout from a pro, coach or well known cyclist so you have something fresh to try for the weekend. Without further ado, here’s one of her personal favorites:

The following workout boosts your top end fitness so you can ride faster and harder. It’s important to keep good form during these efforts. If you find yourself flailing, dial back the intensity until your movements are back in control.

3-2-1 Blast Off

Real ride Warm-up for 15 minutes, then jump into the Main Event:

3 minutes – Increase intensity so you’re pushing in Zone 4.
2 minutes – Increase intensity again, pushing Zone 4 to 5.
1 minute – Crank up the intensity, so you finish the final 15 seconds as hard as you can go in Zone 5
6 minutes – Lower resistance and spin easy in Zone 1 to 2

Repeat the main set once more from the beginning.

Cool down with 10 minutes easy spinning recovery, Zone 1. Total time: 50 minutes.

Click “more” to get a description of the Zones mentioned here so you know how hard to work…

Zone 1: Barely above normal. Light and relaxed
Zone 2: Deep steady relaxed breathing. That’s your aerobic, endurance-training zone. It’s an Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) of 3 to 4.
Zone 3: Slightly labored. This is a steady “tempo” pace, where you’re working just a hair above your endurance comfort zone. It’s where you’d be if you were riding with someone just slightly faster than you. RPE 5 to 6
Zone 4: Short, quick rhythmic breathing. This is your lactate threshold zone. Right where you’re hitting your sustainable upper limits. Also known as race pace It’s an RPE of 6 to 8
Zone 5: Hard, gasping-for-breath breathing. This is your VO2 max training zone, which is a fancy way of saying, the top of your limits, as hard as you can go. It’s an RPE of 9 to 10.

Want more from the Fit Chick? Check out her book.

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13 years ago

zones? ZONES? we don’t need no stinkin’ zones…just go ride your bike! 🙂

13 years ago

That’s what I usually do!
But there are those who love their zones.
I just like being in mine.

13 years ago

Those socks make a hot lady even hotter. There, I said it. Had to be done.

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